Top Car Insurance Companies for Pennsylvania

How do you find the top car insurance companies for Pennsylvania? We’ve got some information that may prove helpful. First, of course, is how you categorize an auto car insurance pennsylvania pictureinsurer as top. Is it the company that writes the most in overall premiums, the biggest in terms of numbers of customers, those with the highest financial strength ratings, or those insurers with the lowest number of complaints? Or, is it a combination of several factors? Here are some resources to help you find the top car insurance companies for Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Insurance Department

First place to check is with the state of Pennsylvania’s Insurance Department and their “How to Choose an Insurance Company” section. For auto liability, go to their list of companies – currently 810 companies licensed to provide automobile insurance in the state (although they may be headquartered in other states). Check the company name to get information on location, phone numbers, and other helpful information. Use the NAIC number to find out financial information (see below), and the Domicile tells you what state the auto insurance company is headquartered in.

J.D. Power and AssociatesYou also want to know which top car insurance companies nationally had the highest overall customer satisfaction. The annual J.D. Power and Associates 2010 U.S. National Auto Insurance Study provides a good look at the best-rated car insurers across five factors: interaction, policy offerings, billing and payment, price, and claims. Checking their list, the top car insurance companies for Pennsylvania (doing business in the state, although they may be headquartered elsewhere) are Amica Mutual, State Farm, and Geico. Amica Mutual is the JDPA award winner, and State Farm and Geico each have a four-circle JDPA rating.

Check with Ratings Agencies – The top car insurance companies for Pennsylvania, just like the top insurers in other states, will have strong financial ratings. One way to determine an auto insurance company’s financial strength is to check with ratings agencies with more detailed information about its ratings. Here are several ratings agencies to check:

  • A.M. Best — Provides free ratings for up to three companies per call at (908) 439-2200 ext. 5742. Unlimited ratings can be accessed via their web address at
  • Fitch – Provides free financial strength ratings for up to five companies per call at (800) 893-4824. Ratings are also available via their website at
  • Moody’s — Provides free ratings for up to five companies per call at (212) 553-0377. Unlimited ratings can be accessed via their web address at
  • Standard & Poor’sProvides free ratings for up to five companies per call at (212) 438-2400. Requests can also be sent by email to:
  • Ratings – Provides all of their ratings for free on their website at Reach them at (800) 289-9222.

For more tips on car insurance, visit our section on car insurance where you can get additional tips and insurance quotes.


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