Everyone wants to have a good time ushering in the New Year, but drinking and driving – always a potentially deadly combination – are not the best ways to do that. Here are 10 very good reasons to drive sober this New Year’s Eve.

You’ll Like Yourself Better New Year’s Day – One of the leftovers from a heavy bout of drinking on New Year’s Eve is an almost guaranteed overflow of self-loathing. Guard against self-hatred from all that bingeing by remaining sober this New Year’s Eve. You’ll like yourself much better in the morning.

You’ll Be Able to Remember the Night Before – Too much alcohol messes with your memory. What you think may have happened is nothing compared to what really happened. Often, it’s something you very much regret having done. The best way to remember everything you did last night while celebrating New Year’s Eve is to refrain from consuming anything alcoholic. Even a few drinks can make your memory faulty.

You’ll Have a Clear Head – Not remembering the night before is just one of the mental consequences of drinking to excess on New Year’s Eve. Another is being fuzzy-headed and not being able to make decisions the way you should. One clear remedy for this is to skip alcohol altogether this New Year’s.

If You’re Pulled Over, At Least You’ll Pass the Breathalyzer – Suppose you do get pulled over by the cops. If you’re stone-cold sober, you’ll be able to pass the breathalyzer test and walk the line without falling over. Driving over the legal limit of .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) will get you a “Go to Jail” now. That’s not the best way to ring in the New Year.

You’ll Avoid Making Some Unpleasant Jailhouse Acquaintances – Fail the breathalyzer and you’ll wind up in jail until you sober up – or until you’re taken before the judge for arraignment. In the so-called drunk tank you’ll share confinement with any number of unsavory characters, from other too-drunk drivers like you to petty criminals or worse. Don’t make a stint in jail part of your experience. Steer clear of drinking this New Year’s Eve.

Reaction Time Will Be Where It Needs to Be – Driving demands your full attention. In order to be able to react in case of an emergency situation, you need your full wits about you. Alcohol dulls reaction time, making it much more likely that you’ll fail to respond fast enough when there’s an urgent need.

You’re Less Likely to Get in an Accident – Drinking drivers contribute to an overwhelming rate of motor vehicle fatalities each year. If you don’t drink and get behind the wheel, not only are you less likely to get in an accident in the first place, you’re also much more likely to be able to avoid an accident caused by another drunk driver on New Year’s Eve.

Your Car Will Remain in Your Possession – Getting arrested and spending the night in the slammer isn’t the only nasty part about getting caught drunk driving. The police will also impound your car. If you make the smart decision to skip drinking and driving this New Year’s Eve, another benefit is that your car will remain in your possession.

Your Car Insurance Rates Won’t Skyrocket Due to a DUI – Depending on the number and recency of any driving under the influence (DUI) offenses you have under your belt, your car insurance rates may triple, quadruple, or you could even have your insurance cancelled. By driving sober, your car insurance rates won’t skyrocket – at least due to a DUI.

Think of All the Money You’ll Save – Adding all the drunk-driving-related costs, you could be out an average of $10,000. Think of all the money you’ll be able to save by driving sober this New Year’s Eve. Ten grand is a hefty chunk’s down payment on a new car, paying for a nice vacation for two, the deposit on an apartment, going towards a home down payment, a new wardrobe, paying for college, and a whole lot more. The truth is that you’ll never realize just how much you’ve saved by remaining sober and driving. For that, you’d need to read stories about or listen intently to drivers who’ve come up on the short end. Ensure that you’re not one of them. Forego drinking and driving this New Year’s Eve.


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