A recent Wired blog “Go Green — Buy a Used Car. It’s Better Than a Hybrid” pointed out something interesting — that buying a fuel efficient used car reduces the carbon footprint more so than buying a new hybrid. The article indicates that making a new Toyota Prius takes an amount of energy that is equivalent to 1000 gallons of gasoline — which means the Toyota Prius has to be driven 46,000 miles to make up for the energy used in producing it. Some of the fuel efficient used cars the blog mentions worth a look include:

1998 Toyota Tercel gets about 27 mpg city / 35 mpg highway miles

1994 Geo Metro XFi, matches the Prius’ 46 mpg

Ford Festiva can deliver 33 mpg

Ford Aspire can get about 33 mpg

Mid-’90s Mazda Proteges about 30 mpg

Early 90’s Dodge Colts

Honda CRX HF models can get in the range of 39 to 45 mpg

Toyota Echo – 30 mpg or better

Honda Civic – 30 mpg or better

Chevrolet Prizm and Mini Cooper

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