Photo by Gerry Wendel

No clamps muffling the sound of power here! No faking it. No looking at what the competitors are doing. Here’s a car brand that forges its own trail and leaves everyone else sniffing their exhaust fumes.  Maserati declares itself as “The Absolute of Opposite of Ordinary”. Definitely not your mom’s mass market sedan!

Their name evokes a heritage of luxury, Italian beauty, and an object that’s unattainable to the masses. That last fact is changing, just a little bit, with the introduction of the Ghibli (pronounced Gib-lee). It’s the third time the brand is adapting this model moniker, conjuring up nostalgia surrounding the performance oriented Ghibli initially introduced in the 1960’s.

Maserati believes the Ghibli sports sedan is the spark for launching the brand’s next 100 years. This sedan is poised to bring eager buyers into the Maserati family for the first time. Not only is the car a beauty, the pricing is beauteous, starting at $65,600. Expect all the luxurious features; they are here.

Now hold on to your hats! The base 345 horsepower, V6 twin-turbo will propel you from zero to 60 in 5.5 seconds while the 404 horsepower V-6 on the S variant will beat that at 4.7 seconds and offer up all-wheel-drive to boot. Top speeds are 166 and 175mph, respectively.

While the Ghibli is close to a foot shorter than the Quattroporte flagship, size doesn’t matter when the emphasis is on performance. The Italians are taking on the German brands; can they do it? Yes. Right now. Forget those vehicles with numbers and letters as names. Meet the Ghibli.

Written by Gerry Wendel

Images Provided by: Gerry Wendel and Maserati

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