Rogue Rear

Overview (Overall Grade after 8 Categories: C+)

We aren’t sure how Nissan got back a bit of its mojo with the new 2014 Nissan Rogue but as a matter of fact the only thing we care about is that we never have to drive the old one ever again. This new version is smooth and refined to drive, luxurious feeling on the inside without a huge price hike and can be ordered in a wide array of versions going so far as to offer a third row option best left to kids. But still, kids love those third rows of seats. And Nissan, in their new redesign, was kind enough to even design air vents leading to passengers all the way in the back should your model be so equipped. How thoughtful! And one last note, we won’t argue with you for just buying the Rogue based on looks alone.

What We Loved about the 2014 Nissan Rogue

  • The more muscular and handsome exterior styling
  • The improved interior quality, layout of controls and better safety
  • Refinement levels overall are now on par with class best


What We Didn’t Love About the 2014 Nissan Rogue

  • The 2.5 liter 170 horsepower 4-cylinder engine could use more power
  • We know the CVT automatics Nissan uses are better than before but they are too noisy
  • Lane departure warning system can get a little obnoxious. Or we can’t drive.


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