Overview (Overall Grade: F)

Most of the cars that we review here at iSeeCars.com are capable enough of being good enough to please most drivers and often times we find that the least expected models wow us and we fall head over heels in love. That, dear readers, did not happen during our time driving the at least disappointing and at worst the laziest engineering job in recent memory 2014 Toyota Corolla.

What Was Okay about the 2014 Toyota Corolla

  • The dashboard when equipped with the larger Entune screen is nice looking and functional
  • You can buy one for not much cash
  • The exterior styling is more daring than last year’s Corolla but it’s not a looker


What We Didn’t Love

  • The carryover engine now mated to a dimwitted CVT automatic transmission
  • The S model offers seats with hideous smurf blue or brownish gold fabric inserts
  • Toyota, just by dint of what they did to the 2012 Camry, can do so much better


To read the full review, go to 2014 Toyota Corolla review



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