Once the domain of cute sorority girls everywhere, the 2014 VOLKSWAGEN Beetle which was recently redesigned with a more muscular and masculine edge to its once adorably squishy styling is turning into a more focused performance driving machine with each passing year.

What We Love

  • That Volkswagen saw fit to sell a high mileage TDI diesel version of the Beetle
  • The limited edition 2014 GSR model in all of its over the top tawdry yellow and black goodness
  • It might not be a Mini or GTI but with the turbo and manual gearbox it gets darn close


What We Would Change

  • As the original “People’s Car,” the Beetle can get far too expensive in higher trims
  • Not nearly as much fun to drive without the six-speed manual gearbox
  • VOLKSWAGEN needs to ditch the 2.5 liter 5-cylinder base motor as soon as possible


To read the full review, go to 2014 Volkswagen Beetle review

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