Overview (Overall Grade After 8 Categories: B)

Large SUVs serve a purpose – carrying people and their lives with optimum comfort and utility. They are designed to pull thousands of pounds at the trailer hitch. Plus, they can go anywhere you point it to – even deep into the woods.

Yet, the GMC Yukon offers a different kind of experience – near-luxury. It provides a level of premium style and comfort that has one foot in the Chevrolet Tahoe’s foothold and the other in the Cadillac Escalade’s – both siblings to the Yukon. This is reflected by a style that is “professional Grade” with a dash of class.

Before the gas prices dropped through the floor, I drove a 2015 GMC Yukon SLT with four-wheel drive to find out whether this big SUV is worth the buying even as gas prices are starting to rise again.

What We Loved about the 2015 GMC Yukon 
– Large cabin – even in the “short” length model
– Bold, expressive styling for 2015
– Better suspension set up for a smooth, absorbent ride

What We Didn’t Love about the 2015 GMC Yukon 
– Problem using IntelliLink for radio presets.
– Pricing
– Not very quick on lane changes and other hard accelerator maneuvers.

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