Introduction (Overall Score after 8 Categories: A) Frankly, there is no reason that the 2015 Honda Fit shouldn’t be given an A+ grade for the mere fact that it will take most competitors at least 2 to 3 total redesigns of their offerings to reach where Honda is now with this wholly amazing little hatchback. It’s funny, Honda first wowed North America with a cute little hatchback that was years ahead of the competition and its name was Civic way back in 1976.

So now, in 2015 (come one now, it’s time to stop signing your checks 2014) do we find the Honda Fit to be a worthy and truly revolutionary hatchback successor to that first Civic?

What We Loved about the 2015 Honda Fit

  • The almost unreal amount of interior passenger and cargo space
  • The very grown-up and very upscale feel to the interior
  • The pricing and value for money cannot be beat in this class


What We Didn’t Love about the 2015 Honda Fit

  • We like the Fit’s styling but some may find it looks like an angry cartoon character
  • The manual transmission had lovely short throws but is not as sweet as the unit in the Civic Si
  • Still, that’s unfair because the Civic Si has the best manual gearbox in any car under $30,000


To see the full review, visit 2015 Honda Fit Review.



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