Overview (Overall Grade After 8 Categories: A)

We did not laugh when the first Genesis sedan arrived in 2008.

Why would we laugh at such a thing? It is our image of Hyundai being a mainstream automaker that used to make low priced cars with less-than-desirable quality and tepid performance. Though the company has reconciled by improving quality and employing a warranty to back that up, the image of Hyundai being more than a low-priced car line has never been completely forgiven by the consumer.

As the products improved, Hyundai’s ambitions were raised. Why not sell a luxury car in our most important market? Why not, indeed!

 What We Loved about the 2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan

  • Smooth power from the V6 and new eight-speed automatic transmission
  • Very spacious cabin
  • Heads-up display with excellent graphics


What We Didn’t Love about the 2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan

  • Derivative exterior design
  • Artificial steering feel
  • We can’t say anything else bad about this car, sorry


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