Every year when the automakers introduce their new models, refresh existing one or carryover others, there’s always the inevitable fallout of those vehicles that have been slotted to be cut from the brand. Some have enjoyed a good, long run in the marketplace, while others never really caught on. Some are being replaced, some aren’t, and some are merely getting a new name. Here we take a look at 2016 vehicles that will be discontinued. At least, this is the list of those currently announced to get cut. Others may follow.

Honda CrosstourIt was a wagon-type version of the Accord, but the Honda Crosstour just didn’t cut it that much with consumers. More to their liking for more family space was and is the Honda Pilot. So, after six years in the market (2009-2015), the 2015 Honda Crosstour gets a RIP send-off.

Infiniti Q40 – Previously known as the Infiniti G37, the Infiniti Q40 compact luxury sedan is biting the dust. What the Q40 had going for it was its traditional sports sedan flavor: extraordinary well-balanced handling, nicely-weighted and communicative steering. But the interior was beginning to look a bit dated. Infiniti will have a new entry-level model in the lineup in 2016 – the Infiniti Q30 compact luxury crossover.

Jaguar XK
Struggling sales are said to be the reason Jaguar decided to pull the plug on its XK luxury coupe and convertible. The 2015 model year is the last for the Jaguar XK, with the 2015 Jaguar XK Final Fifty Limited Edition marking the last of the production run for the XK. According to industry watchers, XK sales are likely to be absorbed by the Jaguar F-Type line.

Land Rover LR2A compact luxury SUV, the Land Rover LR2 is gone for 2016, replaced by a new model, the Land Rover Discovery Sport. The Sport is longer, wider and has the consumer-desired third-row seat. The LR2 lacked a third-row seat, but was better on the road than its badging seemed to indicate. And the interior is top quality and well organized.

Mazda Mazda 5 – Mazda’s North American Operations announced in early August it would stop production of the Mazda 5 minivan, ending the run with the 2015 model. The Japanese automaker said it had no plans for a replacement for the Mazda 5. Some automotive reviewers have said the Mazda 5 is a good option for small families who don’t require a large minivan’s space and amenities. For this reason, consumers looking for a good deal on a 2015 Mazda Mazda 5 should scour dealer lots before they’re gone for good.

Mercedes-Benz M-ClassWhile not really a total discontinuation, the Mercedes-Benz M-Class is nonetheless going away, replaced by a new, sleek Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. But consumers looking for a good deal on the outgoing 2015 Mercedes-Benz M-Class can likely score an attractive offer. The M-Class, which rides like a luxury car, has a certain degree of off-road capability – not that most M-Class owners venture too far off the beaten path. Excellent seats, top-shelf fit and finish, stand-out safety features are other compelling reasons to consider the 2015 Mercedes-Benz M-Class while the SUV is still available.

Mini Cooper Coupe and Roadster – Some called the two-seat Mini Cooper coupe and roadster like smaller versions of the Cooper but a little funny looking (picture them with odd hats). Yet the sales tell the story and Mini decided to thin out the ranks by doing away with these two-seaters that won’t be around for the 2016 model year.

Nissan XterraAfter 15 years in the marketplace – and more than 750,000 sales — the Nissan Xterra, a truck-based, go-pretty-much-anywhere SUV, fades from the scene. The pulse of the market quickened toward more car-like driving crossovers that could also do some off-roading. But the Xterra was an affordable off-roader, not filled with frills, just the basics – and it handled those just fine. Gas mileage was not so good and crash test results were poor. Add to that just so-so performance on pavement and it all adds up to the Xterra’s demise.

Scion xBFor a while, boxy shapes were a hit with certain consumers – at least those with an unconventional flair who didn’t mind standing out. And vehicles like the Scion xB, Nissan Cube, Honda Element and Kia Soul (only the latter of which continues to thrive and survive) were particularly sought out by such consumers. But the Scion xB will be no more, ending its run with a bang with the 2015 Scion xB 686 Parklan Edition. With a run of only 686 vehicles, the 686 Parklan Edition, dreamed up by snowboard maker 686 will be your last chance for a Scion xB in 2015.

Scion iQIt never really caught on with buyers and for 2016, the Scion iQ is no more. Some called the iQ “quirky,” a “fashion accessory,” or a “vehicular oddity,” but it basically served as a good transport mode for city dwellers. With only two usable seats and best functioning at 30 mph, the iQ just didn’t make the grade with consumers.

Toyota VenzaThe five-passenger midsize Toyota Venza wagon, while somewhat of a mainstream vehicle, never sold in the numbers required to make it a hit. Consumers who wanted more space tended to favor the Toyota Highlander – in great numbers, as it turns out. So, say sayonara to the Toyota Venza, disappearing from the scene for 2016.

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