If you think you’re paying too much for car insurance – and you very well may be – here are 5 car insurance discounts to check out. It won’t cost you much time and, if you can save some money, why not?

1. Bundling Policies Discount – Multiple policies carried with the same insurance company, a practice known as bundling, can provide deep discounts for the consumer. Consider moving your homeowners and auto insurance to the same company. Multiple-car auto policies combined with a homeowner’s policy all at the same insurer can result in the deepest discounts. Allstate, for example, offers a 10 percent discount on auto insurance for customers who also insure their home or apartment with the company. Nationwide offers up to 25 percent discount for customers who insure auto, home and life with them, and 20 percent with more than one vehicle insured.

2. Safe Driver Discount & Vehicle Equipment Discounts – We’ll lump these two into one because they have to do with safety. One involves the driver and the other involves the vehicle.

  • Safe Driver Discount — If you have a clean driving record – no tickets or accidents in the past 3-5 year period – you can save big. At Allstate, safe drivers can save as much as 45 percent on their car insurance.
  • Vehicle Equipment Discounts — Vehicles with passive restraint systems (airbags and motorized seatbelts) could net you a 30 percent discount from your auto insurer. If your car has anti-lock brakes, that’s a 10 percent discount. Anti-theft devices (such as LoJack and OnStar) may get you another 10 percent discount from some car insurance companies.

3. Discount for Good Grades – If there’s a student in your family, a teen with a driver’s license that’s on your auto policy, or if you currently go to school full-time, and get good grades, you may qualify for the good student discount from many auto insurers. It’s up to 20 percent for good students insured by Allstate and 15 percent for those insured by Nationwide. College students going to school 100 miles from home may also qualify for discounts. That’s because insurers assume that these students are seldom behind the wheel of the family car. In any case, don’t overlook potential car insurance discounts for students with good grades.

4. Low Mileage Discount – If you currently drive under 10,000 miles per year, you may qualify for the low mileage discount available from many car insurance companies. Consumers often overlook this discount, particularly if they’ve been with the same insurer for many years, but if you find that your driving needs have changed – you commute less now, work from home, or don’t drive as much as you used to – this discount could save you roughly $100 on your annual premiums.

5. Discount for Professions or Membership in Certain Organizations – Do you belong to the AARP, a college alumni association, are a firefighter, police officer, teacher, scientist, or belong to some professional organizations? If so, you may qualify for discounts available to members of those organizations. It’s worth it to you to check out this discount.

Bottom line: These 5 car insurance discounts to check out can really save you some serious cash.

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