iSeeCars, in providing you the capability to search millions of used cars listings from more than 1000 different websites, gives you the visibility of seeing most if not all of the cars for sale within a given city in which you’d be interested in buying a car. With this visibility into so many listings, you probably are wondering how you’d wade or navigate through so many listings to find the car deal you’re looking for. Well, iSeeCars was developed with exactly that in mind.

Here’s the 5 Steps to Finding a Used Car Deal Using iSeeCars:

1. Search for the car(s) you’re interested in finding

Select the car you’re looking for by filling in the search form the car make, model, price range and other information as desired and clicking on “Search”

2. Browse through the listings and look for “potential deals”

After clicking on “search,” you’ll then see a list of cars for sale displayed in default sort order of “Potential Deals” where for example, the 1st car listing is potentially a better deal than the ones following it, and the 2nd car listing is potentially a better deal than the ones after it. (This is the default sort order because our assumption is that consumers like to look for deals. The “Potential Deals” ranking is calculated based on comparing the asking price of the car with market price from sources like Edmunds and determining the condition of the car based on what the seller says in the listing description. This is automatically calculated and determined by iSeeCars, please validate all information before making a decision.)

3. For each car that catches your eye, determine if the car is really a deal

As you browse through the car listings, there are several tools you can use to further determine if the car is a deal from your perspective based on what you’re looking for.

  • “Keywords Detected” – automatically displays key information iSeeCars detects in the listing such as whether the seller is moving in which case, the seller may be more amenable to negotiating, whether the car has a clean history, whether it is still under warranty, and so forth.
  • “Listing Insight” – automatically analyzes and formats the car listing description in an insightful and structured way for you to get a quick overview of the car condition to see if it’s what you’re looking for
  • “KBB Value” – if you see a car you like, click on this to see how the asking price compares with the market value KBB calculates (I usually compare the asking price to the “private” value or “trade-in” value in KBB)
  • “Edmunds Value” – Edmunds also calculates a market value for used cars. Use this to validate the value you’re getting from KBB and as a comparison with the asking price
  • “Carfax” -Validate that the car has a clean car history and it matches up with what the seller says

Of course, you’ll need to confirm the key information when you speak with the seller and when you actually see and test- drive the car. iSeeCars attempts to provide the guidance and analysis for you to decide on whether it would be worthwhile contacting the seller and finding out more about the car.

4. Compare the car you like with similar cars to see if there’s a better deal

If you find a car listing you like, you might be curious as to whether there are similar cars you ought to consider that have the same car make, model, year, and within a similar mileage range. The “Compare Prices with Similar Cars” tool compares the car you’re looking at with similar cars for sale and shows you how the car’s price compares with the prices of the similar cars. For example, if you notice that the lowest price of the similar cars is $10K but the car you’re eyeing is $13K, perhaps you might want to take a look at the similar cars to see if there’s a better, lower price deal. To see the similar cars, click on “Compare Prices with Similar Cars”

5. Click to see the full details of the car listing directly on the site where the listing was posted

In browsing through the car listings and you find a car listing that catches your eye, click to see the full listing description direct from the website where the car listing was posted

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