Image Courtesy Reddit User

With so many choosing to shop online during the holiday season we know the feeling of being greeted by packages on our doorsteps. Now, think of the largest package you received … and that doesn’t even compare to the packages three Amazon shoppers recently had delivered. These could actually be Amazon’s largest deliveries to date.

In a promotional deal between Nissan and Amazon, some lucky new Versa Note owners did not exactly drive their cars off the lot. This fall, Nissan announced three shoppers who purchased their new vehicles through a promotional link on Amazon would get their Versa Notes in one of Amazon’s traditional brown boxes. This promotion also comes with a film crew to capture the delivery for publicity. 100 other new owners who used the Amazon link to buy a new Nissan Versa Note received a $1,000 Amazon gift card. They picked up their cars themselves.

This image above was taken by a Reddit user of one of the three new Versa owners getting their delivery in Wisconsin. The image below was posted by a Twitter user. Now, after delivery what do you think they should do with that box? Playhouse, dog house, garage … the possibilities are endless!


Image Courtesy Twitter User Jen Ayres


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