The world is getting bigger. Not the world itself of course, but the people who have the privilege of dwelling upon it. Humans are getting bigger every generation, and the vehicle manufacturers are now working on combining some larger interiors into smaller sedans to accommodate us. Telescoping steering wheels, eight-way adjustable seats, and adjustable control pedals are all examples of the engineers heeding the cries of tall people everywhere. To see what the automotive experts at Consumer Reports, Edmunds, Motor Trend, U.S. News, Car and Driver, and J.D. Power & Associates have to say are the engineers’ best ideas, simply keep reading and find the best 2012 sedans for tall people.

1. 2012 Hyundai Equus        New Model MSRP: $59,000

“The Equus is solidly engineered, remarkably quiet and indulgently comfortable, and that’s on top of its exceptional feature content and relatively affordable price.” The Equus may not look like a large car from the exterior, but it possesses a cavernous interior. That interior is also packed with a wide array of high-tech features. Although the interior materials quality is questionable in some areas, the ride is comfortably refined and characteristic of up-and-coming Hyundai quality.

2. 2012 Honda Accord        New Model MSRP: $21,480

While competitors like the Kia Optima and the Hyundai Sonata offer more in the way of refined handling and enhanced performance, the Accord maintains a hold on the Number Two spot here because of its interior comfort and noteworthy reliability. Despite what it looks like from the outside, the interior is quite spacious. The quality of the materials is high and craftsmanship is average, but legroom and headroom are ample. The Accord has sort of plateaued in recent years, but it’s still a head and shoulders above the rest.

3. 2012 Toyota Avalon        New Model MSRP: $33, 195

The Avalon doesn’t offer the most extravagant driving experience available, but it does go a long way toward comfort and reliability. While it is a bit more expensive than its competitor the Chrysler 300, it does offer more in the way of interior space. All passengers will have ample room to stretch out on long trips, and the driver will have the option of an adjustable power seat on the higher trims. Still, it stands to be said that the Avalon needs to provide a much more engaging driving experience if Toyota wants to justify the high cost.

4. 2012 Buick LaCrosse        New Model MSRP: $30,170

The LaCrosse is the best large American-made sedan on the market at this time. Not only does it provide superior head- and legroom, it is also one of only two vehicles to offer a choice between a V6 and a hybrid engine (the Lincoln MKZ is the other). “The best part about the LaCrosse, though, is that from behind the wheel, there’s no real price to pay for the enormous (31.5% city, 20% highway) fuel economy benefits. The eAssist drives just as well as the regular LaCrosse did; smooth, quiet, and comfortable.”

5. 2012 Volkswagen Passat        New Model MSRP: $19,995

“Shoppers will immediately notice that the new Passat is bigger than the model it replaces. Volkswagen added more rear seat legroom and test drivers are very happy with the increased space inside the new Passat. One reviewer says the legroom is so plentiful, it rivals that found in full-size sedans.” For the price, this is probably the best value on the list. The Passat has rivals that come across as very well-mannered sedans. The Passat is one level above them all.

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