Sure, spring is a couple of months off, but don’t let that keep you from shopping for a new car. There are good car lease deals going on right now from a number of automakers. These range from leases on entry-level, affordable cars to luxury vehicles.

Unless otherwise noted, be advised that most of these lease deals expire February 28, 2014, but Kia and Subaru deals expire March 3, and those from Ford and Volvo are good through March 31.

2014 BMW X3How about this sweet deal: a 36-month, $459/month lease of the 2014 BMW X3, with $4,184 to be paid at signing.

2014 Buick LaCrosseBuick is offering a 24-month, $299/month lease with $3,339 due at signing on the 2014 LaCrosse 1SB.

2014 Buick Regal – Lease the 2014 Buick Regal with Premium 1 Group for 24 months at $259/month with $3,519 due at signing.

2014 Buick VeranoLease the Verano 1SD for 24 months at $199/month and pay $3,109 at signing.

2014 Chevrolet CruzeThe 2014 Chevrolet Cruze LT compact sedan with automatic transmission can be leased for 36 months at $159/month with $2,559 payable on signing.

2014 Chevrolet MalibuThe 2014 Chevrolet Malibu LT is available this month with a 36 month lease at $189/month, with $2,969 to be paid at signing.

2014 Ford EscapeAlways wanted an Escape? Now’s your chance as the 2014 Ford Escape is available to lease for $209/month for 36 months, with $2,764 payable upon signing.

2014 Infiniti QX60 – More luxury for the money comes in the form of the 2014 Infiniti QX60, available to lease for 39 months at $469/month (FWD or AWD). Pay $3,499 at signing for FWD and $3,799 for AWD.

2014 Kia Cadenza –
A 36-month, $299/month lease with $2,999 is available on the 2014 Kia Cadenza Premium – after qualifying for $1,000 in competitive bonus or owner loyalty bonus cash.

2014 Kia OptimaLease the 2014 Kia Optima LX for 36 months at $179/month with $1,850 to be paid at signing.

2014 Mercedes-Benz M-ClassThe luxury SUV 2014 Mercedes-Benz M-Class comes with a $599/month, 36-month lease with $4,893 plunked down at signing.

2014 Nissan AltimaNissan is offering 36-month lease deals of the 2014 Altima 2.5 S trim at $189/month with $1,999/$2,699 due at signing (Northeast, Northwest and West/Southeast and Southwest).

2014 Nissan Roguethe compact 2014 Nissan Rogue can be in your driveway with this 36- month lease deal: $239/month with $2,599 due at signing.

2014 Nissan Versa – The 2014 Nissan Versa sedan S trim with manual transmission and the Versa Note Plus trim with CVT come with a 36-month, $149/month lease with $1,999 due at signing through the end of February.

2014 Subaru LegacyLease deal for the Legacy Standard 2.5i with six-speed manual transmission is $189/month for 36 months with $1,989 due at signing.

2014 Volvo XC60The safety appeal of the 2014 Volvo XC60 can’t be denied, especially with Volvo’s 39-month lease at $419/month with $3,919 due at signing.


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