When you’re in the market to buy a new or used car, you want to make sure you use the best car payment calculators on the Web in order to figure out what you’re in store for. This includes how much your monthly payment will be, amount of down payment, the interest rate you’ll be paying, and the term of the loan. Of course, it all starts with the amount you expect to pay for the vehicle. Here’s a quick look at the best car payment calculators on the Web.

Bankrate.comAt Bankrate.com, consumers can use the Auto Calculator to make a quick determination of payment amounts by entering figures in appropriate areas. These include loan amount, auto loan term (in years or months), interest rate (percentage per year), loan start date (month, day, and year). When you click “Calculate,” your monthly auto loan payment will display. You can vary the amounts, length of loan, interest rate or go to the next section where you can calculate your monthly auto loan payment by adding extra dollars to a monthly loan payment, making an additional payment each year, or adding a certain amount in a one-time auto loan payment. Then, click “recalculate amortization table” to see how the additional payments affect payoff date.

Edmunds.comAnother independent site, Edmunds.com, offers an Auto Loan Calculator for basic loans covering vehicle costs and incentives. This calculator is a little different in that it uses Edmunds True Market Value prices and industry information. You select a vehicle (year, make, model, trim, etc.) that will automatically fill in the average price people are paying in your geographic area (by zip code), as well as any applicable incentives from the manufacturers. Other information displayed includes sales tax, title and registration. You can input down payment or select vehicle for trade-in for an estimate or input that amount plus amount to pay off current vehicle. Financing options include finance rate (percent), term of loan (months). Total loan amount and monthly payment (tax included) will be displayed when you click “Calculate.”

Kbb.com Kelley Blue Book (Kbb) offers consumers help finding the best car payment calculators on the Web with its page on Auto Loans and Insurance. Note that rates and the calculator are sponsored by Up2Drive, a division of BMW Bank. Look for the tab that says “What will my monthly payment be” to calculate your monthly payment and total cost. The amount of information you’ll need to enter is similar to the other auto loan calculator sites. Here, input loan type (dealer new, dealer used, refinance), loan term (36, 48, 60, or 72 months), interest rate (percentage), vehicle price, down payment, trade-in value, amount owed on trade-in, sales tax, and estimated loan amount.

There are other best car payment calculators on the Web that you can look at. Do your research to ensure you’re making the best deal.

We have a great auto loan calculator of our own as well that helps you to easily figure out your car payment.   While we think our car payment calculator does a fine job, we only wanted to list calculators from third party websites.

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