It’s summertime, and the nice weather doesn’t seem to be helping the economic standards anywhere in the world. As such, many people are planning to forego that new car purchase for the reliable world of certified pre-owned vehicles. Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a lot like going to the humane society and picking out a new pet. They may be a little older, have a few more miles on them than the newborns, but they still have lots of life left in them and plenty of love to give back. Here are a few of the best certified pre-owned car deals out there for July 2011.


Ford is currently offering some very low financing on all certified pre-owned vehicles. Starting on July 6th, you may qualify for an APR as low as 1.9% on all certified pre-owned:

Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford Mustang, and Ford Taurus. The Mercury line is also extending the 1.9% APR to certified pre-owned Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Milan, Mercury Sable, and Mercury Montego.

Coupled with this is three months of free Sirius satellite radio for purchasers of vehicles which have Sirius equipped already. The low APR offer also extends to Ford’s luxury brand, Lincoln. However, the incentive APR drops even further if you wish to step up to the opulent brand. Qualified buyers could receive an APR of 0.9% on all certified pre-owned: Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln Zephyr, and Lincoln LS. The Sirius offer is available for the Lincolns as well.


General Motors is also lowering their APR to 1.9% for certain pre-owned vehicles. All 2006-2011 certified pre-owned Chevy Cobalts, Chevy Impalas, and Chevy Malibus qualify for this offer on up to 36 months financing. GM doesn’t stop with just their Chevy line, however. It also extends to the 2006-2011 Buick LaCrosse and 2006-2009 Pontiac G6. The G6 offer may be more for collectors than for people actually looking for an everyday vehicle, since GM decided to disband that line two years ago. On the other hand, that could be good news for somebody looking for a really great deal, since the dealerships will want to liquidate that stock ASAP.


South Korean automaker Hyundai is rapidly increasing their sales and reputation by not only offering some of the best cars available today, but also by offering some great incentives on their certified pre-owned lineup. All Hyundai models can qualify for a low APR of 2.49% for up to 60 months, and 3.49% up to 72 months. This includes such award winners as the Hyundai Genesis, the U.S. News 2010 Best Car for the Money, the IIHS top safety pick Hyundai Sonata, and Auto Pacific’s 2010 Satisfaction Award-winning Hyundai Tucson.

All of these vehicles not only come with the low APR, they also carry the remainders of both the 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty, as well as the 5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle warranty. Throw in 10 years of unlimited roadside assistance for covered repairs and 90 days of free XM Satellite radio, and Hyundai’s sales numbers could see a significant boost again this summer.


Rounding out the best deals for the summer of 2011 is some German engineering from Audi. All 2007 certified pre-owned models may qualify for an APR as low as 2.9%, but that’s just the beginning. Qualifying for the low APR of 1.9% are the 2008 models: Audi A3, Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi S6, Audi S8, and Audi TT. If that isn’t enticing enough for you, you might want to check out the three vehicles qualified for the 0.9% APR: the 2008 Audi A4, 2008 Audi RS 4, and the 2008 Audi S4.

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