Tailgating is an important part of any football pre-game celebration.  So whether you are known by fellow football fans for heating things up with your five-alarm chili or you are the reigning champ of cornhole, you must have all the necessary tailgating equipment.

Great tailgating tools include music, a portable grill, coolers, tables and more. And, one very important element to pull all of this together is a car. To get a great tailgating car you clearly know you need good cargo space, seating for your friends and a solid sound system. But there are other, not so obvious, items that make certain vehicles ideal for tailgating. We’ve researched the top cars for tailgating and have come up with this list of 5 best features to look for in tailgating cars.

  1. Flip-down screens: An easy way to keep tabs on the other games during a tailgate is to watch them right from your car. You may think you can only watch DVDs, but satellite TV is now available for cars, trucks and SUVs.
  2. Back-up camera: Navigating parking lots filled with people and tailgating supplies can be a tall order. Make it easier with a back-up camera that will alert you if you are near a person or object. We don’t have to tell you that backing up over a grill is a bad start to the football season.
  3. Liftgate that provides coverage: Fall and winter are unpredictable, so if you’re tailgating in rain or shine, you may want to consider a car with a liftgate that will shield you from the elements. Whether it’s adding some shade or blocking the rain, you’ll be happier heading into the game if you’re dry and comfortable.
  4. Cleanable cargo space: One Saturday or Sunday at the stadium should not ruin your car. A great tailgating vehicle is one that can be easily cleaned by simple methods, such as hosing down your cargo mat or the bed of your truck. And, if you’re tailgating in the 2014 Honda Odyssey, we know you’ll be vacuuming up those crumbs on the spot.
  5. Well-equipped cargo space: Helpful items located in the rear section of the car or truck include power outlets, rear speakers, stereo controls, MP3 jacks and toolboxes that double as coolers. Some cars, such as the Toyota 4Runner, have sound system settings that send the music to the rear of the vehicle.

Wishing you a happy, safe and fun football season!



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