Consumers searching for the best fuel efficient sedans are often confused by the many products available by various manufacturers. In reality, the best fuel efficient sedans are the ones that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies as having the highest miles per gallon ratings. But it doesn’t end there. EPA mileage estimates are just that, estimates. A lot depends on how consumers use their vehicles, number of passengers and amount of cargo they carry, weather and road conditions, even how they drive.

Generally speaking, the best fuel efficient sedans are the compacts and midsize sedans. Smaller engine displacement, lower number of cylinders, and automatic versus manual transmission are other factors. Turbocharging is a big boost for engines with more efficient, smaller displacement engines – and often provides better fuel efficiency than other engine choices. Don’t forget diesel and hybrids, either, as these can often offer consumers the best fuel efficient sedans.

Following is a list of the best fuel efficient sedans, including a predominant number of hybrids:

What if you don’t want to purchase a hybrid and need best fuel efficient sedans that are larger than subcompact or compact? Check the EPA 2011 Fuel Economy Guide. Here are a few suggestions from midsize and large car categories.

Midsize Best Fuel Efficient Sedans:

Large Best Fuel Efficient Sedans:

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