With more and more SUVs and crossovers going into production every year, the popularity of the minivan has waned a bit. That’s actually a good thing for minivan purchasers. The demand goes down, the price goes down; the deals and incentives go up. Even though there aren’t as many minivans in production as there were twenty years ago, they are still out there. They also still have a niche in consumer economy that refuses to die out. Families enjoy the luxury of added space, added seating, and added comfort, coupled with better fuel efficiency than you’d receive from a large SUV. If you’re in the market for a new minivan, or are looking to trade in your old one, here are some of the best new minivan deals and incentives for July of 2011.


Toyota is leading the way in reliability, which is one of the biggest reasons the Sienna is at the top of its class for the 2011 model year. “Overall, the new Sienna doesn’t bring any real innovations, but it remains supremely competent and versatile. That, combined with a promised price drop, should be enough to retain the true believers who wear the soccer-mom badge proudly.” (Automobile Magazine) Currently, Toyota is offering 0% APR for up to 36 months and 1.9% APR for up to 60 months on the Sienna. If you prefer to go the cash-back route, you can get up to $1,000 cash back instead. Both of these offers include Toyota’s Toyota Care 2-Year Complimentary Maintenance Package.


Despite a jump in sales for the month of June, Chrysler isn’t offering much in the way of purchasing incentives. They are using the summer months to push their lease deals on the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country. The current offer is for $299/month for 39 months with $2,999 due at signing. Their sister brand Dodge, however, is offering a 0% APR for up to 60 months on the 2011 Dodge Caravan. They are also offering up to $2,500 cash back if you’d rather have the green in your pocket instead of the low APR.


Mazda is getting a jump on new model year sales by offering a low APR of 1.9% on the 2012 Mazda MAZDA5. The 2012 model has just been refitted with a complete redesign. It is being tabbed as the quintessential vehicle for families with children. It offers a huge interior, tons of space for storage, above average fuel efficiency for a minivan, and a load of dealer-installed extras that could be paying for themselves with the lowered APR.


Kia is offering some major bonuses for consumers wishing to give the 2011 Kia Sedona a shot. Through the end of August you could receive a low APR of 0.9% for up to 36 months on all 2011 Sedona trims. However, if you want to take advantage of the cash back options, you only have until the end of July. This offer includes up to $3,000 cash back plus an additional $1,500 cash back for qualified buyers.


Rounding out the minivan deals for the month of July is the 2011 Nissan Quest. This is the minivan that Automobile Magazine said “is absolutely competitive with the segment’s other new entries.”  Buyers can now qualify for an APR as low as 0% for up 60 months or 1.9% for 72 months or $750 cash back on the 2011 Quest. The current lease deal is also quite competitive at $369/month for 39 months with $2,999 due at signing.

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