February is one of those tricky months for car dealerships. They’re not quite ready for spring sales events, but they’re planning for them. They know that people aren’t fully recovered from holiday bills yet, but they need to move the previous-year models to make room on the lot for the spring events. It can be a very tough month for sales figures. That’s why it always pays to check out what incentives are being offered in the month of February. Sometimes you can find miraculous deals on last year’s new models, other times you’ll catch a new model that will be too good to pass up. Here’s a look at some of the best new SUV deals and incentives for February 2011.


GM is one of your best options for an SUV with both power and cargo capacity. The Suburban is huge, and its little brother, the Tahoe, has shown some improvement after a few disappointing years:

  • 2011 Chevy Suburban           $2,000 Cash Allowance or 2.9% APR up to 60 months
  • 2011 Chevy Tahoe                  $2,000 Cash Allowance or 2.9% APR up to 60 months
  • 2011 Chevy Traverse            $2,000 Cash Allowance or 2.9% APR up to 60 months

GMC is offering loyalty rewards for previous GMC owners. This is a $1,000 loyalty bonus for the purchase of any new 2011 GMC model. This includes the GMC Acadia and GMC Terrain, both SUVs that are improving their quality every year.

As for the Buick line of GM, they weren’t about to be left out. Here’s what they have to offer the consumer this February:

  • 2011 Buick Enclave                $2,000 Cash Allowance or 0% APR up to 60 months


Ford is definitely the most diverse choice if you’re looking for an SUV. From the roomy, box-like Flex to the compact crossover Escape, Ford has been making some of the best vehicles available for the past couple of model years. Here’s what they have to offer consumers for February:

  • 2011 Ford Edge                        Up to $2,500 Cash Back
  • 2011 Ford Escape                   $2,500 Cash Back or 0% APR for 60 months + $500 Bonus Cash
  • 2011 Ford Expedition           $3,000 Cash Back or 0% APR for 60 months
  • 2011 Ford Flex                         Up to $2,500 Cash Back

If Ford’s regular line isn’t quite austere enough for you, perhaps you’d like to jump up to one of these deals from the Lincoln luxury line of SUVs:

  • 2011 Lincoln Navigator          $3,000 Cash Back or 0% APR for 60 months
  • 2011 Lincoln MKX                    Up to $1,500 Cash Back


Dodge is currently offering 0% interest on their 2010 lineup. They must have a terrible overstock problem thanks to the current sales slump. That financing offer applies for up to 72 months on the Dodge Journey and up 60 months on the Dodge Nitro. Neither vehicle is rated very high in terms of overall quality; but they each have their strong points that could make them attractive for the right price. There is also a slew of bonus cash being offered with the 2010 models, up to $4,500 in some instances. A full list of incentives for all 2010 and 2011 models (though there isn’t a whole lot of inspiring deals for the 2011 models) can be found Here.


Toyota isn’t exactly bringing down the house with February SUV deals, but there are a couple of models which are ranked very high by top automotive testers that may be well worth a test drive:

  • 2011 Toyota Highlander (non-hybrid)                        1.9% APR for up to 60 months
  • 2011 Toyota RAV4                                                              1.9% APR for up to 60 months


Edmunds.com named the 2010 CR-V as one of their “Top Recommended” vehicles for that model year. Kelley Blue Book is honoring the 2011 version with its “Best Resale Value” award. With that in mind, it may not be a bad time to grab one for yourself. Here’s the deal being offered this month on the award-winning CR-V, and Honda’s other incentive, the Accord Crosstour:

  • 2010 Honda CR-V                                     0.9% APR for up to 60 months
  • 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour           0.9% APR for up to 60 months


Looking at some of Hyundai’s incentives, you may want to make this dealership your first stop:

  • 2010 Hyundai Tucson                         0.9% APR for 36 months
  • 2010-2011 Hyundai Santa Fe           $1,000 Cash Back or 1.9% APR for 36 months
  • 2010 Hyundai Veracruz                      $1,500 Cash Back or 0% APR for 36 months
  • 2011 Hyundai Veracruz                       $1,000 Cash Back or 0.9% APR for 36 months

The Tucson and Veracruz are very intriguing offers here. While the Tucson’s offer isn’t eye-popping, the vehicle itself may be well worth it. The Veracruz is one of the better choices available for a midsize crossover SUV.


It’s pretty clear that Nissan will give you lots of cash back or a great APR, but not both. The APR on the Rogue and Murano is the way to go for those two sport-utilities. The cash back on the Pathfinder may be the best option there, since the APR is only good for three years. Here’s what they have available:

  • 2011 Nissan Rogue                             $500 Cash Back or 0% APR for 60 months
  • 2011 Nissan Murano                           $500 Cash Back or 0% APR for 60 months
  • 2011 Nissan Pathfinder                      $2,000 Cash Back or 0% APR for 36 months

Luxury leaders BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz are all offering financing offers but not a whole lot of cash back. The lowest APR you’ll see for any of those brands is 1.9%. Not a bad deal for a luxury automobile, but you can probably find better down the road.

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