What are the best selling cars October 2011? We’ve got the run-down here, and although the players have shifted somewhat – especially in the number one spot – the one thing that stays constant is that great bargains are eagerly snapped up by consumers.

1. Honda Accord The big surprise is that the Honda Accord midsize sedan toppled the Toyota Camry to claim the top spot of best selling cars October 2011. The reason is the 22,589 Accords the automaker sold during the month. Calendar year-to-date sales through October of 203,603, however, are off 13.8 percent compared with Accord sales during the same period a year ago.

2. Toyota Camry – Banking on the all-new midsize 2012 Toyota Camry sedan has paid off for the Japanese automaker, to the tune of total Camry sales (including the Camry Hybrid) of 22,043 for the month of October. Still, that’s 546 units shy of the number one spot the Camry enjoyed in September.  Look for the all-new Toyota Camry Hybrid coming out soon to boost the Camry’s sales outlook. For the calendar year through October, Camry sold 251,564 units, down 8.8 percent compared with the same period last year. Nevertheless, looking over the top 10 best selling cars for the entire calendar year to-date, the Toyota Camry is the undisputed leader.

3. Nissan AltimaThe midsize Nissan Altima has slipped one place this month to the number three spot with sales of 21,838 units. Meanwhile, the midsize Altima racked up calendar year-to-date sales of 222,932, up 18.4 percent year over year.

4. Hyundai SonataThe midsize Hyundai Sonata, which found itself in fifth place last month, slides into fourth place for October with sales of 18,192 and calendar year-to-date sales of 192,953. Thus, the Sonata continues to be a solid player in the top 10 best selling cars in America.

5. Ford FusionSales of the midsize Ford Fusion set another record in October, according to the Dearborn, Michigan automaker, with 18,094 units sold during the month. Ford further says that the Fusion has set monthly sales records every month during last 12 months. Calendar year-to-date, the Fusion has sold 206,533 units, up 15.4 percent year-over-year.

6. Toyota CorollaThe compact Toyota Corolla accounted for sales of 16,244 units during the month of October, enough to move the Corolla up one spot from September’s seventh place. For the calendar year through October, a total of 203,135 Toyota Corollas were sold. That’s off 10.8 percent over the same period last year.

7. Honda CivicThe entry-level Honda Civic made a strong showing in October, recording sales of 16,173 for the month. That’s sufficient to boost the Civic into the top 10 best selling cars October 2011 and into seventh place, to boot. Through October, the Civic has sold a total of 183,557 units, which is off 14 percent compared with year-ago levels.

8. Chevrolet CruzeThe compact Chevrolet Cruze, meanwhile, slips two spots from sixth place last month. For October, the Cruze posted sales of 14,295. For the calendar year to-date, the Cruze sedan has sold a total of 201,819 units.

9. Volkswagen JettaVolkswagen Jetta sales, including the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen, totaled 13,058 during the month. For the calendar year-to-date, combined Jetta sedan and SportWagen sales totaled 150,046, up 51.5 percent year-over-year.

10. Hyundai ElantraHyundai’s other top 10 sales leader is the compact Hyundai Elantra, posting sales of 13,000 units during the month. For the calendar year through October, the Elantra has sold a total of 160,922.

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