When truck-bed liners first came about, they were bulky plastic puzzle pieces which were attached to the bed of your truck with large screws, nuts, and bolts. That’s only if you could get the pieces to fit properly onto your particular truck. These days, there is a better, and arguably more popular, method of protecting your truck bed from the many paint-chipping, dent-causing accidents that will have a tendency to happen: the spray-on bed liner. The beauty of this new technology is that it comes in several different colors (unlike the traditional black plastic puzzle pieces), protects just as well (in most cases), and takes up far less room. Here’s a rundown of the best spray-on bed liners, as researched at Truck Trend, Consumer Reports, and Edmunds.

1. Line-X

Line-X boasts a staggering 92% approval rating from customers who are happy with the purchase of their product. That alone should be enough to earn them the top spot, but they don’t stop there. They utilize a two-component system that is dispensed through a high-pressure spray system and bonds instantly upon application. It is resistant to most solvents and acids, which makes it perfect for industrial or business use. It is the winner of Dun and Bradstreet’s 2009 AllBusiness AllStar Franchise award as well as Frost & Sullivan’s 2008 Product of the Year award. This is the best liner you’ll find out there at this time.

2. Rhino Linings

Rhino offers three different strengths of their liners, making them a great selection if you’re looking for some diversity of choice. They have the Rhino Hardline, which is a heavy-duty impact resistant covering to protect against dings, dents, and scratches. This is the line that most workers and haulers will prefer. Then there’s the lighter-duty line, Rhino TuffGrip, which displays an improved color stability and better grip for those who are hauling lighter items or items you don’t want scratched or damaged. The final line is Rhino SolarMax. This is the longest lasting of all the colors and is perfect for show vehicles. The quality is on par with the best according to previous purchasers.

3. Herculiner

Herculiner could be the best answer for those who don’t mind getting a little dirty, know what they’re doing, and want to save a little coin. It’s a do-it-yourself liner that can be applied using a high-pressure sprayer or it can be rolled on. It is rather limited in its color array (offering only black, red, white, and gray), but is quite a bit cheaper than having one professionally applied. Prepping the surface for proper application is crucial, and the combination of a polyurethane and rubber mixture makes it both durable and resistant to flaking/chipping.

4. ArmorThane

ArmorThane hasn’t been around as long as some of the bigger names, but they’ve built up quite a following as a sound spray-on bed liner. They offer industrial, automotive, and marine applications, making them very diverse in their product selection, as well as durable with a polyurethane/polyurea spray. It will stretch to three times its length without breaking, comes in a variety of base colors, and is one of the easiest to clean after use. It is impact-resistant, slip/skid-resistant, and solvent free, making it more environmentally friendly as well as safer.

5. Speedliner

Speedliner is another company that hasn’t hit the two-decade mark of existence yet, but they have a great jump on getting their foot in the door to become the best. Their Speedliner 1000 uses an advanced chemistry to hold up just as well, if not better, than some of the leading brands. They offer an array of colors, which offer better color benefits than competitors, thanks to their compatibility with automotive tints. This could make them the perfect choice for vehicle collectors and show-goers everywhere.

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