In some parts of the country, the return to Daylight Savings Time means spring is almost here. St. Patrick’s Day and the start of the baseball season are other indicators that the season has arrived. Maybe now is the time to check out the best truck deals lease and purchase, March 2013 and get ready to do some trucking.

Note that deals from Chevrolet, GMC and Honda expire April 30, 2013, while Ford and Nissan deals are good through April 1, 2013.

2013 Chevrolet AvalancheOn a purchase of the 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche midsize pickup, the deal is 3.9 percent financing for 60 months of $2,000 customer cash.





2013 Chevrolet ColoradoBuyers can get 1.9 percent financing for 60 months or $1,500 customer cash on the 2013 Chevrolet Colorado extended cab compact pickup.

2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Silverado 1500 Hybrid – Buyers can get zero-percent financing or up to $3,000 customer cash ($2,500 on regular cab, $3,000 on the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 extended and crew cab and Silverado 1500 Hybrid).





2013 Ford F-150On a purchase deal, Ford F-150 full-size pickup buyers can get up to $3,000 customer cash (West), $3,500 (Northeast), $4,500 (Northwest, Southwest), $5,000 (Southeast). Or take advantage of 0.9 percent financing for 36 months, 1.9 percent for 48 months plus $1,000 customer cash (Northwest, West, and Southwest) and $1,500 customer cash (Southeast).

2013 GMC CanyonBuyers can get 1.9 percent financing for 60 months, or $500 consumer cash on 2013 GMC Canyon regular cab models, $1,000 on crew cab, and $1,500 on extended cab.

2013 GMC Sierra 1500, Sierra 1500 Hybrid – On a purchase, buyers can get zero-percent financing for 60 months or $2,500 cash back on regular cab, $3,000 on the 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 extended and crew cab models and Sierra 1500 Hybrid.

2013 Honda RidgelineBuyers get 0.9 percent financing for 24-36 months, or 1.9 percent for 37-60 months on the multifunctional 2013 Honda Ridgeline.





2013 Nissan Titan – Lease the Titan SV crew cab four-wheel drive and SV value package for 36 months at $499 per month with $2,999 due at signing. Buyers can get financing deals with $500 cash back (when financed through NMAC) of zero-percent for 36 months, 0.9 percent for 60 months, 1.9 percent for 72 months, or $3,000 cash back (when financed through NMAC). Purchase deals apply to non PRO-4X trim. On PRO-4X, the financing rates plus NMAC cash back are the same, or $4,000 cash.

2013 Toyota TacomaLease deals are regional and include: 24-month, $239 per month lease on double ca 4X4 V6 with $2,999 due at signing or a 36-month, $259 per month lease on double cab 4X4 V6 with $2,999 due at signing, both in New England. Access cab can be leased for 36 months at $229 per month with $2,999 payable at signing (New York). Double cab PreRunner carries a 39-month, $239 per month lease with $2,638 due at signing (Southeast). In Southern California, Tacoma 2.7-liter four-cylinder models have a $319 per month, 36-month lease with $0 due at signing.

2013 Toyota TundraPurchase deal on the CrewMax is $2,750 cash back or $2,500 cash back on regular or double cab in the Northeast and Ohio Valley. In New York and Mountain States, buyers can get $2,500 cash back on BC cab. Other cash back deals include: $2,750 or zero-percent financing for up to 60 months in Mid Atlantic; $2,750 cash back in West and Northern California; $3,000 cash back in Southern California. CrewMax models in Gulf States and Mountain States come with a $3,000 cash back offer or zero-percent financing for 60 months. In New England, New York, Ohio Valley, Midwest, Mountain States, Northern and Southern California and Pacific Northwest, Tundra buyers can get zero-percent financing up to 60 months plus $1,000 bonus cash.

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