As powerful and beastly as a full-size pickup can be, it’s only as good as the tires you put on it. What good is it to have all that power if all you can do is spin the tires in one place? When it comes to hauling, pulling, towing, or even decent handling in bad weather, it all depends on the rubber you’ve got rolling on the road. That’s why your truck’s tires are an area where you don’t want to get stingy. You wouldn’t want to send your All-Star big-league hitter to the plate with a T-ball bat, would you? Of course not; you want to break out the lumber and knock one out of the park. Knowing that, here are the best truck tires you can put on your workhorse.

1. General Grabber HTS

The Grabber HTS is the best all-season tire you can put on your light truck or SUV, consistently outperforming the Goodyear Fortera SilentArmor. It features General’s Eco-Ride tread compound molded into a symmetric tread design with an enlarged contact patch. It also features General’s Stabilink system of connecting bars which increase circumferential stability to enhance braking, grip, and cornering. Hydroplaning resistance comes from three different types of sipes, promoting superb traction in wet or dry driving. Sizes range from 225/70R15 to 275/65R20, and it has a 6-year/60,000-mile treadlife warranty on T-rated and below tires, and a 6-year/45,000-mile treadlife warranty on H-rated and above.

Works best on: Light trucks (1/2-ton and below) in all seasons, SUVs, Crossover SUVs

2. Pirelli Scorpion ATR

The Scorpion ATR combines all-season on-road civility with off-road capabilities. Its continuous large center rib and stable shoulder blocks provide a stability and steering response that is matched by few others. It is a directional tire with shoulder grooves that channel water and resist hydroplaning on wet surfaces. Its design consists of twin steel belts reinforced with spirally-wrapped nylon cord, and polyester cords to stabilize the sidewalls and enhance ride quality, making it one of the quietest tires with off-road capabilities available. Sizes range from 205/70R15 to 305/45R22, and it comes with an unlimited time/40,000-mile treadlife warranty.

Works best on: Light trucks and SUVs that need to perform in muddy areas and wet surfaces.

3. Firestone Destination M/T

This one is added to the list for all you off-roaders. If slinging mud or stretching your truck to its off-road limits is in your game plan, you can’t do much better than the Destination M/T. It features a Long Link Carbon, which is a special form of molecular re-engineered carbon black tread compound. It’s designed to improve wet performance and wear on the road while maintaining abrasion resistance off it. It possesses an aggressive symmetric tread comprised of deep lugs and Rim Guard Off-Road Protector Ribs, which help deflect off-road debris from between the tire bead and rim. Sizes range from 235/75R15 to 325/65R18, and it has no treadlife warranty, but does possess a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship with free replacement in the first three years.

Works best on: Trucks and large SUVs that will be performing significant off-road duties.

4. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar

This is another of the off-road types that will tear through just about any terrain imaginable. This is truly a tire for off-road enthusiasts. It features a silica-rubber tread compound, molded into an asymmetric design for tremendous wet and off-road traction. The Kevlar reinforcement is particularly handy in terms of the sidewall, where off-road driving demands extra tenacity. It also helps stabilize the sidewalls for a return to on-road driving. Its snow-biting sipes also make it a perfect choice for plow trucks in snowy areas. Sizes range from 31X10.5R15 to 285/65R20, and it has no treadlife warranty, but does possess a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship with free replacement in the first year or 2/32” of tread wear.

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