Generally speaking, going back to best used 2001 cars and searching for a good used car value may be stretching it a bit. It all depends on how well the vehicle was taken care of, its overall reliability record, and whether or not it was involved in any accidents. Satisfy yourself on all accounts by checking the car’s vehicle history, reliability reports, and have it thoroughly inspected inside and out by a professional mechanic.

Consumer Reports, in its “Best and Worst Used Cars,” lists a number of cars with proven reliability for years 2000-2009 – and is a good place to start to find best used 2001 cars. There’s also the Edmunds “2010 Used Cars Best Bets,” which, although it lists cars from 2003-2009, includes some that merit consideration for earlier model years.

Here, then, are some choices for used 2001 cars to begin your search with:

  • Hyundai ElantraEdmunds was so impressed with their long-term 2001 Elantra GLS small car after a year of use (and later put on their best bets list) that they summed it up by saying: “After 11,000 hard, indifferent auto-journalist miles, nothing has gone wrong with our Hyundai. Nothing has ceased operation, divorced itself from the car, broken off in our hands, worn thin from use, required issuance of a recall – yadda, yadda, yadda – unless you count a gearshift knob that has loosened up and no longer points north-south when tightened down, and we don’t.”
  • Infiniti i30Essentially an upscale version of the Nissan Maxima, the Infiniti i30 earned a Consumer Guide Recommended nod, with editors commenting: “Heated seats and traction control should be standard, but i30 offers fine performance, comfort, and workmanship at reasonable prices. A sound near-luxury buy, with Infiniti’s customer satisfaction record a bonus.”
  • Honda S2000The limited-production (only 5,000 per year) Honda S200 2-seat roadster is more for pure sports-car enthusiasts than daily drivers, but it ranks on Consumer Reports list of “Best and Worst Used Cars” for reliability, with editors commenting: “The Honda S2000 is a more hard-core roadster.”
  • Acura TLConsumers looking for an upscale midsize sedan have a great choice in the 2001 Acura TL, of which Consumer Guide says: “This hotly-contested segment has a clear benchmark; it is the Acura TL (and its 2-door cousin Acura CL). The TL succeeds in blending comfort, style, luxury, and sport into an efficient package at an affordable price.”
  • Honda CivicIn an earlier (as well as 2010) listing of best and worst used cars, Consumer Reports highlights the Honda Civic small car, saying: “The Honda Civic is reliable, economical, and fun to drive. It grew with the 2001 redesign…”
  • Mazda ProtégéIn the economy car segment, the 2001 Mazda Protégé (which received freshened exterior styling that year) may offer a cheap set of reliable wheels – that Edmunds commented on at the time: “When it comes to small, snappy sedans, the Protégé is a tough act to beat…tight suspension, powerful brakes, superb steering feel, comfortable seats, attractive exterior styling.”

Other used 2001 cars to consider include: Acura RL, Ford Mustang, Subaru Impreza, and Volvo S60.

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