Trying to make the most of your car-buying budget and getting a little luxury in the process isn’t out of the question – especially if you start with this list of best used luxury cars under $10,000. But, let’s be real here. You won’t be snagging the keys to the latest model luxury make for this price bogey. You can, however, carve out some potential look-sees from some of the best names in the luxury car market: Mercedes-Benz, Saab, and Lexus. Granted they’re from a few years back, but if you get a professional inspection and obtain a vehicle history report, all you need to do is test drive them and strike your best deal.

To arrive at this list, we checked Consumer Reports “Best Used Vehicles for Under $20,000.” For price range, we used Edmunds True Market Value (TMV) pricing. We added comments from automotive experts to provide independent views. Here, then, is our list of top picks for Best Used Luxury Cars Under $10,000:

  • 2005 Saab 9-2XOnly produced for 2005-2006, the 2005 9-2X was an all-new sport-wagon model from Scandinavian automaker Saab. Parent General Motors leveraged overseas partnerships and started with the Subaru Impreza wagon to create the entry-level Saab. Best price match to the target is the 2005 Linear model with an Edmunds TMV of $9,556. Consumer Guide comments: “Saab’s changes to exterior styling, sound deadening, and interior trim do their part to disguise this car’s Impreza origins. And the versatile wagon body style and all-season AWD traction have some appeal…Still, the 9-2X and Saab in general, lies off the beaten path, which should mean friendlier price breaks than you’ll get on the more-mainstream competition.”
  • 2002 Lexus ES 300The entry-level Lexus ES 300 luxury sedan occupied an important part in the Lexus lineup throughout its 12-year run (1992-2003), after which it was replaced with the ES 350. Edmunds said: “There is tremendous value to be had in the Lexus ES 300. The interior makes the owner fell like he spent $70,000 rather than $35,000. It’s roomy enough, powerful enough and comfortable enough with a suspension that can tame a winding road as easily as a potholed parkway. No, this is not a direct competitor to the BMW 3 Series. But the ES sure makes for a convincing argument to pass over a Mercedes-Benz C-Class.” Edmunds TMV for the 2002 Lexus ES 300 is $9,812.
  • 2002-2003 Mercedes-Benz C-ClassThis baby Benz is another potential choice for best used luxury cars under $10,000. Consumer Guide remarks: “Now more than just a ‘baby Mercedes,’ the C-Class is a desirable near-luxury car in its own right – despite some cut-rate interior details. Sedans and wagons vie with the best in class for driving composure, features, and long-term value.” Edmunds TMV for the 2002 C-Class starts at $7,445 for the C230 coupe (4-cyl), $9,088 and $9,924 for the V6-powered C240 and C320 sedan, respectively, and $9,500 for the C320 wagon. Look for deals on the 2003 C230 and C320 sports coupe, C240 sport wagon, C230 sport sedan, with Edmunds TMV ranging from $8,934-$10,175 (other trims are higher).

Looking for more choices for best used luxury cars under $10,000? Check out these other Mercedes-Benz models: 2000 CLK-Class and SLK-Class, and 2001-2002 E-Class (V6, RWD).

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