Cars that are virtually trouble free are great for consumers – but they’re also the cars mechanics hate to see roll into the shop. The reason for that distaste is simple: money. When cars don’t require that much in the way of major overhauls for new transmissions and suspensions, the mechanics don’t see the big bucks.

Let’s not lament too much about Joe Mechanic’s revenue stream, however. Instead, we’ll concentrate on a few of the cars that could cause them to grimace – because they know the vehicles won’t need much repair assistance.

Inspiration for this list comes from an article written by Tom and Ray Magliozzi, aka Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers, via Yahoo. In addition, we checked Consumer Reports for the most reliable cars and J.D. Power and Associates (JDPA) 2010 Vehicle Dependability Study.


  • CivicThe Honda Civic, according to Tom and Ray, and some others, almost never breaks. Civic Si appears on the Consumer Reports list as most reliable under

    sporty cars.  Edmunds comments: “The Civic also holds its value better than many other small cars and has a reputation for above-average reliability.”

  • AccordBesides being a car Tom and Ray don’t like to see in the shop, JDPA lists the popular midsize car as one of the most dependable for 2010. The Family Car says: “Who should buy this car: A person looking for a reasonably-priced midsized extra roomy sedan with a comfortable interior and bullet-proof reliability.”
  • CR-VJDPA includes the Honda CR-V in the crossover category of most dependable vehicles for 2010. Autoblog remarks: “Over a few hundred test miles, what

    stood out was the general lack of complaints we had with this little SUV.”

  • FitIn the small car category, Consumer Reports says the Honda Fit is among the most reliable cars. As observes: “Cars are pretty bad investments, but Honda’s history of quality, reliability and longevity bode well for the Fit’s resale value. As bad investments go, it looks like a pretty good one.”

Ford Fusion and Fusion HybridTom and Ray hail both Fusion models as “two of the few American cars that really approach the reliability of the Japanese brands.”


  • PriusBesides being green and good for the environment, Toyota Prius appears on the JDPA list of most dependable compact cars. Tom and Ray say: “Prius is terrible news for mechanics – not even the brakes wear out.”
  • CorollaAnother Toyota compact, the Corolla, is on the JDPA list.
  • SiennaIn the minivan category, JDPA lists the Toyota Sienna as most dependable.

Infiniti G CoupeReviewers rave about the Infiniti G Coupe (and sedan). But consumers love the fact that it’s so reliable – and Consumer Reports’ 2010 list bears this out.

Subaru LegacyAs an all-wheel drive family sedan, the Subaru Legacy gets the nod from Consumer Reports as one of the most reliable cars.

No, this isn’t the full list of cars mechanics hate to see roll into the shop, but it is a start. For more of the most reliable cars, see the Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates links.

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