Discriminating buyers, looking for luxury, performance, styling, comfort and amenities may also be on the lookout for the cheapest luxury cars to own over the long-term.

We’ve used the Vincentric tool on Aol.com to arrive at some of the cheapest luxury cars to own. We compare five 2011 luxury sedans in the same competitive set, but you can do your own comparison by going to the site. Taking into account depreciation, insurance, taxes and fees, financing, fuel costs and other factors, Vincentric comes up with five-year cost-to-own numbers that provide consumers with a good picture of the cheapest luxury cars to own.

  • 2011 BMW 535 – The second-highest five-year estimated cost to own vehicle in this listing is the 2011 BMW 535, which Vincentric estimates at $66,184 at the five-year mark. Attractive good looks (the BMW 5-Series was redesigned for 2011), luxurious and functional cabin, and long-known as the driving car for enthusiast, the 2011 BMW 5-Series is, as Popular Mechanics said in a review, “a solid car…a very grown-up solution to going fast.”
  • 2011 Audi A6Over a five-year period, the Vincentric tool arrives at a cost-to-own figure of $61,735 for the 2011

    Audi A6 3.0 Premium Quattro sedan. With its excellent crash test scores, one of the most luxurious interiors in the class, and impressive performance, the A6 deserves attention. Consumer Guide wrote: “A6 is tough to top for craftsmanship. It supplements top-notch workmanship with available all-weather AWD capability, great overall refinement and cool sophistication.”

  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-ClassThe base 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 350 4MATIC (all-wheel drive) sedan carries an estimated five-year cost-to-own of $66,259, which is the highest in this five luxury sedan comparison set. In a review of the 2011 model, Edmunds said, “Certainly, there are other choices, especially among sedans. The BMW 5 Series is sportier, the Jaguar XF is more stylish, and the Infiniti M series is less expensive, but none of these choices has the E-Class sedan’s well-rounded excellence.”
  • 2011 Lexus GS 460The rear-wheel drive 2011 Lexus GS 460 base model comes in at an estimated cost to own of $65,094 after five years. Sporting a powerful V8, luxurious interior and smooth, quiet ride, the 2011 Lexus GS 460 may be just the right pick for one of the cheapest luxury cars to own. Kelley Blue Book, reviewing the 2010 model, said “Those demanding a vehicle that offers sporting character infused with loads of luxury touches will find the entire GS family, but particularly the V8-powered GS 460, more than capable of satisfying their multi-dimensional appetites.”
  • 2011 Cadillac CTSIn this five-set comparison of luxury sedans, the 2011 Cadillac CTS Premium AWD sedan comes in with the cheapest cost-to-own bottom line

    over five years of $59,336. Sharp handling, distinctive power, head-turning looks, and a stylish cabin loaded with useful high tech, the 2011 Cadillac CTS has more in common with the BMW 3-Series and Infiniti G37 than the other makes and models in this set, but the all-new 2013 Cadillac XTS won’t be available until spring of 2012.

Of course, these are just estimates. Actual five-year cost-to-own will vary according to differences in the way owners drive their vehicles, their insurance costs, how much they drive (in terms of annual mileage), the fluctuating price of fuel in various parts of the county, the price of labor and parts for maintenance and repairs, and numerous other factors. Also, take into account that different trims or models within each of these luxury sedans will change the bottom line cost to own after five years.

But it is a good place to start to try to determine the cheapest luxury cars to own. Remember, buying a luxury car should be something that you carefully weigh and consider, taking into account not only the initial purchase price, but also the potential resale value and how much it will cost you to operate it over the next five years – assuming you intend to keep the car that long.

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