If you live in the state, you may be interested to know what Connecticut incentives and tax credits for hybrid and electric cars are currently available. In brief, there’s one bit of good news for affected vehicle owners in the City of New Haven, but not for owners of hybrid and electric cars in the rest of the state – yet.

City of New Haven Parking Incentives

As part of an effort to reduce toxic emissions, the City of New Haven, CT passed an ordinance in 2005 to allow free metered parking for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and alternative fuel vehicles (AFV). In so doing, New Haven became the fourth U.S. city and the only one in Connecticut to provide this type of free parking incentives. Consumers who own an AFV or HEV can park free in metered spots on all city streets in the City of New Haven. To qualify, the vehicles must be registered in New Haven, have a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) city or highway fuel economy rating of 35 miles per gallon (mpg) or greater. Owners of the AFV and HEV vehicles must obtain a non-transferable pass from the Department of Traffic and Parking to place on the dashboard of the vehicle or hang from the rearview mirror. AFVs and HEVs are subject to all time and other posted parking restrictions. Further information on the City of New Haven free parking for AFV/HEV vehicles is available from the City of New Haven Transportation, Traffic and Parking website.

Expired State Sales and Use Tax Exemption

Unfortunately, the sales and use tax exemption for purchase or lease of fuel-efficient passenger motor vehicles (those with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated city or highway fuel economy mileage rating of 40 miles per gallon or more) expired as of June 30, 2010. The sales and use tax exemption has not been renewed at this time. For further information on the expired exemption, see the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services website. While there may be some bills or action pending in the state of Connecticut legislature, there are no additional currently approved Connecticut incentives and tax credits for hybrid and electric cars.

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