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Senior Editor ( Email Twitter )

Kara Lawton is an editor and writer with more than 10 years of experience.  She has been the proud owner of 10 cars and counting (eight that she personally shopped for and purchased), three bicycles and one moped.

Kara’s first car was a Ford Tempo, purchased by her mother, so Kara could drive to her two jobs. Kara’s dream car is an old school Land Cruiser or the new BMW hydrogen 7, if it ever gets here.


Editor, ( Email )

Jacqui Trotta is a Boston-based journalism professional with experience working with CNN, Captivate Network, Fox and CBS. She has been on the iSeeCars team since 2012.

Her first car was a 1987 Toyota Camry that had a broken radio, which was a serious disappointment for a teenager. The day she sold the car the radio turned on (full blast) by itself. Her favorite car today is the Mini Cooper convertible.


Contributing Editor ( Google+ )

Suzanne Kane, an automotive writer with over 30 years of experience, covers the latest consumer, product and other auto-related information for iSeeCars. Originally from Michigan, with automotive roots going back through the family for decades with the original Big Three – GM, Ford, and Chrysler – Suzanne has always loved cars. You name it, and she’s either owned or driven it.

Her first car was a white Pontiac Bonneville convertible. Her favorite car, however, was the Chevrolet Z28 Camaro (she owned three of them). Now, it’s the Cadillac CTS.


Test Drive Meister ( Twitter | Google+ )

James Hamel is an experienced auto journalist and road tester who has test driven over 400 new vehicles. He has always loved helping people find the car that’s just right for them, that brings a smile to their face and brings a little more joy into their life.


Automotive Analyst ( Email | Twitter )

Phong Ly is a car expert who is passionate about helping consumers find the best cars at the best deals by providing greater transparency through analytics and innovative solutions. He’s been frequently featured and quoted in media such as ABC News, CNBC, Consumer Reports, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune and Reuters.

Phong’s first car was a Nissan Sentra and his dream car is a Tesla Model X.


Automotive Analyst

Thomas Lee is an analyst with a passion for understanding and identifying key trends and interesting insights for the automotive industry and how consumers buy cars.


Car Test Drive Expert ( Twitter | Facebook )

For several years Jimmy Dinsmore has reviewed new vehicles, offering up a unique look and an interesting voice within the automotive community.

The first car he reviewed was a Ford Taurus SHO, and the first car he owned was an early 90s Dodge Aries K. Jimmy’s dream car is an Audi R8.


Car Test Drive Expert ( Twitter )

An automotive enthusiast for most of his adult life, Aaron Turpen has worked in and around the industry in many ways. He is an accredited member of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA) and of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP) and freelances as a writer and journalist around the Web and in print.  His writing ranges from do-it-yourself (DIY) mechanics to coverage of design as well as a look at future powertrain technologies.  He has experience over the road as a professional truck driver and has test driven vehicles ranging from full-sized, 80,000 pound tractor-trailer rigs to tiny Fiat 500 city cars.

His first car was a 1984 Toyota Corolla which he called “The Golden Yoda.” Aaron often drove the car well beyond manufacturer’s intended limits, including a stint once to see how fast it would go in reverse. The cop that pulled him over said he was doing 17 mph.

His dream cars are a Mercedes-Benz Unimog, preferably from the 1960s or 1970s, and a Citroen 2CV (Deux Chevaux).