Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 5.53.38 PMThe elected officials of the United States- it’s hard to envision these powerful men and women as young adults getting their licenses and first cars. But of course, we all start somewhere.

This list takes a look at what the presidents of the United States and other politicians were driving long before they rode in the security of secret service vehicles.

President Barack Obama: He may have been known for cruising around in a Ford Escape Hybrid ahead of his first presidential election, but it was another type of Ford that Obama had as his first car. He says his first car was a Ford Granada, which was his grandfather’s car.ObamaFirstCar

President George W. Bush: An early car of Pres. Bush was a Triumph Sports Car he drove back when he was a Houston bachelor. At Harvard he drove an AMC Gremlin with Levis denim interior.BushFirstCar

President Bill Clinton: One of Clinton’s early cars (possibly his first) was a 1963 white Buick LeSabre convertible. It was a gift from his parents. Clinton’s father ran a Buick dealership in Arkansas.ClintonFirstCar

President George H. W. Bush: The first car of President Bush was a 1947, red Studebaker Champ pickup. A similar, restored Studebaker is now on display at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library.BushSrFirstCar

President Ronald Reagan: He used his savings to purchase a 1933 Nash in cash while he was working at a radio station in Des Moines. He got rid of it in 1937 when he headed off to Hollywood.ReaganSrFirstCar

President Jimmy Carter: President Carter’s first car was a 1948 Studebaker.CarterFirstCar

President Gerald Ford: President Ford’s first car was a 1924 Ford coupe, which he reportedly paid $75 for in 1930.FordFirstCar

Vice-President Joe Biden: The son of a GM and Chrysler dealer said he used to own a 1951 Studebaker, a 1952 Plymouth convertible, a 1956 Chevy and in college had a “100,000-mile Mercedes 190SL.”

BidenFirstCar Secretary of State John Kerry: Kerry’s first car was a 1962 VW Beetle


Former Sec. of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: A 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass. She reportedly brought the battery into her law-school dorm on chilly nights so she could get the car to start when she wanted it.HClintonFirstCar

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ): McCain’s first car was a 1958 Chevy Corvette


Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney: A used 1963 Rambler Classic. His father had helped in the creation of Rambler as head of American Motors.RomnetFirstCar

Former Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT): Lieberman’s first car was a Ford Pinto



Note: Images for display only. Not all images representative of exact cars owned by individuals.  Some colors and years may vary.


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