Non-techies might well ask themselves the question – Ford Sync: is it worth buying a Ford car for? Techies, on the other hand, already know the answer, and it’s a resounding “Yes!” What’s so great about Sync and why should you buy a Ford car to get it?

Well, Ford (and Lincoln and Mercury) are the only cars that offer it. So, if you want Sync’s advantages, you’ll need to consider products from the Blue Oval.

For mobile, entertainment, traffic and directions, and driver assistance, Sync provides drivers with a seamless and safe interaction. Basically, Sync is an in-car connectivity system that’s easy-to-use and allows the driver to make hands-free calls and control music and other functions with simple voice commands.  Ford SYNC allows drivers to plug nearly any mobile phone and media players such as iPod into their car and control them using voice commands.  

Some of the specific features of Sync include:

  • Ability to access phone, compatible MP3 player or USB drive with voice-activated commands
  • Connect directly to a 911 operator after an accident in which an airbag deploys
  • Generate vehicle health reports that give diagnostics, maintenance, and recall information
  • Ability to receive audible text messages
  • Receive traffic and directions, business search listings, traffic alerts, personalized news, sports, weather, horoscopes, stocks
  • Newest features include send to Sync from Google Maps and travel services which gives instant access to airline and hotel contact information

Most Bluetooth-enabled phones work with Sync. For family members sharing the same vehicle, up to 12 phones can be paired with the system, although if more than one paired phone is in the vehicle at the same time, the system will first attempt to connect with the primary designated phone.

Sync is available on most Ford and Lincoln models and three 2010 Mercury models. For older Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles equipped with Sync, consumers can check Sync Features by Model Year to view information about features and upgrade paths.  Ford Sync became available in various Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars starting with the 2008 model year.

Bottom line – if you’re asking the question – Ford Sync: is it worth buying a Ford car for? – only you know the answer to that. The features are certainly compelling and do offer drivers a safer way to connect seamlessly with the technology that they’re used to. With more and more states enacting laws to prohibit hand-held cell phones, systems like Sync that allow hands-free calling and will play text messages audibly seem like a responsible use of new technology.

Is a Sync in-car connectivity system for you? The only way to know is to check it out in a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury model so equipped. As they say, once you try it, you’ll want to buy it.

According to Wikipedia, here are the new and used cars where SYNC is available as either an optional or standard feature.  On some models, Sync is not available on certain trim levels.

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