It’s common to see cars from two different makers get compared to each other. People want to know at which car lot they should be shopping. But what if you’ve found a make, and a car dealer, that you’re already happy with? The only choice then would be which model suits you best. That’s why we’ve researched Edmunds, Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and Consumer Reports to compare two of the top selling models in the industry – the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic. Being from the same manufacturer, they’ll have many of the same features. Let’s break them down by category and see where the differences lie.

Powertrain: If you’re looking for power, the Accord’s available 3.5L V6 is your answer. If you’re looking for fuel economy, stick with the Civic. The 1.8L 4-cylinder gets an admirable 25/36 mpg (city/highway) but the Civic’s 1.3L gas/electric hybrid goes as far as 40/45 mpg. The Accord does offer a 4-cylinder option, the 2.4L, but its fuel efficiency is still well below the Civic at 21/30 mpg. Both come standard with a 5-speed manual transmission with the option of a 5-speed automatic.

Winner: Tie, based on the buyer’s preference of power or economy

Braking/Safety/Handling: The Civic scored a perfect five stars on all government crash tests except for the side-impact test for front passengers which garnered four stars; however, it was rated Good on all tests by the IIHS. The Accord scored five stars in all front crash tests but only managed three stars in the sedan model for rear passenger side-impact protection. It also managed a very poor braking performance at 137 feet, longer than some ½-ton trucks. Both models handle the road confidently and leisurely.

Winner: Honda Civic

Cargo/Hauling: Given the fact that the Accord is a mid-size sedan, one would think that trunk space would be at a premium, especially considering its overall size. At 14-cubic feet, it’s actually only average. The Civic has 12-cubic feet of trunk space in the sedan but it drops to 10 cubes on the hybrid model and only 6 for the GX. Still, comparing apples to apples, the Accord sedan would do well with more trunk space.

Winner: Honda Civic

Comfort/Interior: The Accord features tight construction and high-quality materials spread throughout a sophisticated center-stacked console. The buttons are slightly more cluttered than previous Accords but remain user-friendly. The Civic’s interior is comfortable with plenty of space in the rear, but it features an unusual gauge layout and the windshield-based speedometer can be distracting for some drivers.

Winner: Honda Accord

Amenities/Options: Being from the same manufacturer, not only are the options and amenities going to be quite similar, they’re going to be the same name brand and make, and have the same functionality. Both vehicles have basically the same trim options and the same packages. Not only are the options the same, they’re priced nearly identically.

Winner: Tie

Value for the $: The MSRP on the Accord comes in at $21,055 while the Civic starts off at $15,455. On the other hand, there is the size difference. The Accord offers 25 trim options while the Civic goes to 41 with 25 choices on the sedan alone. The most you’ll pay for the Accord fully loaded is $31,305 while the Civic tops out at $27,000.

Winner: These two run neck and neck. If you’re looking for economy and don’t mind sacrificing a little space, the Civic is your best option. But if you need a little extra space and a little extra power, go with the top-selling Accord.

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