Are you looking for the lowest auto insurance rates in Georgia? Don’t worry. It isn’t all that difficult. But you do need to do a little research on your own in order to arrive at a reasonable estimate of what it will cost you to be insured in the state.

Every driver and driving circumstances is a little different. Still, there are some comparisons that can be drawn from looking at sample rates in the state. The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner for the state of Georgia can be very helpful in this regard. Recognize that, while all geographic areas are not represented, you can choose one that comes close to where you live and use the information provided to help you determine how to find the lowest auto insurance rates in Georgia.

The example given is for a semi-late model year 2006 Ford 500 SE, six-cylinder, four-door sedan. Liability coverage requested is $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident; $25,000 per accident bodily injury liability; property damage liability. Assume $500 deductible for comprehensive coverage and $1,000 for collision. There are also other coverage to look over in this example. Assume that the credit score is neutral.

What you do is look over the examples of driver circumstances listed (from A to I), and choose the one that most closely resembles your own. Then, select a city from the 11 listed (Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, College Park, Columbus, Macon, Marietta, Savannah, Stone Mountain, Ware County or Whitfield County, and choose the driver circumstance example (A through I) and press “Submit.”

Suppose you choose Atlanta and driving example A: 40-year old married male, clean driving record, drives 12 miles round trip to work daily and 12,000 miles annually. The sample rates from leading insurance companies licensed to do business in the state of Georgia range from $482 to $2,443. The 76 insurance companies listing sample rates include Amica, Safeco, State Farm, Travelers, The Hartford, Chubb, and 21st Century, among others.

Now, let’s look at example F and Marietta: 19-year old single female, one 10 mph over limit speeding ticket in past year, no accidents, drives 12 miles to work daily, 15,000 miles annually. The sample rates here range from $909 to $4,112. Different circumstance, different rates.

One more example, just to show differences, example C and Albany: 28-year old male, one speeding ticket 10-20 mph over limit in last 30 months, one DUI in past 12 months, SR-22 filing required, drives 20 miles round-trip to work daily, over 15,000 miles annually. The sample rates here range from $995 to $7,414. This goes to show how driving record, points and tickets and DUI really impact rates.

In the end, what you can do to find the lowest auto insurance rates in Georgia is to maintain a clean driving record, drive a modest sedan, live in a rural rather than urban area, keep a good credit rating and drive less than 12,000 miles per year. And, if your record is a bit spotty, you can improve your rates over time by working hard to clean up your act. After three years of a clean driving record, your rates will go down.

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