With all the media attention and Washington emphasis on so-called green cars like the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt, consumers who live in Michigan may be interested to know what Michigan incentives and tax credits for hybrid and electric cars currently exist.

The short answer is that there’s not a lot – but there are two.

Free Home Charging Station

An electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) incentive is available through one company: Coulomb Technologies.

Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint America program offers an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) incentive at no cost to individuals or entities in southern Michigan. To be eligible for a free home charging station, individuals must live within specified metropolitan areas (including Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing), must purchase a qualified electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Individuals purchasing EVs or PHEVs should apply for the ChargePoint America program at the dealership or with the vehicle manufacturer at the time of vehicle purchase.

For further details, see the ChargePoint America website.

AFV Emissions Inspection Exemption

According to the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center, there is one other state incentive in Michigan that applies to alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). Dedicated AFVs powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), electricity, propane, or any other source according to rules specified by the Michigan Department of Transportation are exempt from emissions inspection requirements.

What does all this mean for consumers who want to buy zero emission and hybrid vehicles? Simply put, as more of these green vehicles become available, there may be more Michigan incentives and tax credits for hybrid and electric cars.

For consumers who want to buy green now, there is a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for the purchase of a new qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle. In addition, through December 31, 2011, qualified plug-in electric vehicle conversions are eligible for a tax credit for 10 percent of the conversion cost, not to exceed $4,000.

Be sure to also see if the vehicles you’re considering can qualify for a federal tax credit, deduction, or rebate.  Here’s  more info on new car tax credit, hybrid car tax credit, new diesel car tax credit, and electric car tax credit from the federal government.  Also, make sure to check out the list of year-end new car deals, new car lease deals, and certified used car deals being offered by the car makers.  Given the year-end and car manufacturers’ desire to sell more cars, there’s great deals to be had if you do your homework and are aware of all the incentives, discounts, rebates you can qualify for.  Here’s some tips on year-end car buying strategy.

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