Reader Question:

Hello – My dad’s name is on my car title. I will be trading it in
sometime soon and I am wondering what steps need to be taken in order
to have a smooth trade-in process. Will the car dealership care that
his name is on it? Will they have to put his name on the new title,
or will they put my name on it? Does he need to be there with me when
I trade it in?

iSeeCars Tips:

If your Dad’s name is the only one on the title, he will need to be at the
dealership with you to sign over the title for the trade. You can also go to
your local AAA office (if your Dad is a member) or to your local department
of motor vehicles and do a transfer of title to get the title listed in your
name instead of your Dad’s. There’s a fee involved for this and it’s
different for each state. The simplest and easiest way is to have your Dad
accompany you to the dealership, sign over the title, and you can move
forward in your car-buying process.

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