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Overview (Final Score: A-)
The Santa Fe is a strong entry into the small and midsize crossover markets. Hyundai is stepping up their game overall as a company, with their on-point marketing strategy focusing on the surprise many might have at the quality and bold styling the company is bringing. Hyundai is doing a good job of moving away from the “knockoff next door” label that many have attached to them and becoming a self-identifying brand throughout their lineup. The 2015 Santa Fe is a big part of that.

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What We Loved About the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe

  • Excellent handling characteristics.
  • Upscale interiors with a lot of room and cargo capacity.
  • Smart infotainment that’s easy to use.


What We Didn’t Love About the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe

  • Base level engine in the Sport is doggish.
  • Fuel economy is sub-par at all levels, especially in the Sport model.
  • Headroom can be an issue in front if sunroof or panoramic glass is opted for.


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