Overview (Overall Grade after 7 Categories: B-

The 2016 Honda HR-V is part of a rapidly-growing segment. Subcompact crossovers are very popular of late. It seems each carmaker now has their new entry in this segment. From the Buick Encore to the Mazda CX-3 to the Chevy Trax, everyone has a small crossover now. While it’s part car, and part SUV, these “bubble crossovers” offer SUV styling and higher vantage point for drivers, but the maneuverability and easy parking of a car. So it’s a good urban dwelling vehicle as well as comfortable in the suburbs.

What We Loved about the Honda HR-V

  • Versatile seating configuration
  • Fantastic fuel economy


What We Didn’t Love about the Honda HR-V

  • Slow acceleration
  • Infotainment system is cumbersome, unresponsive


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The HR-V looks similar to the bigger CR-V, but has it's own bubbly personality

The HR-V looks similar to the bigger CR-V, but has it’s own bubbly personality



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