Overview (Final Score: A-)
The 2016 Toyota Corolla continues the Corolla tradition of delivering simplicity and comfort in a value-oriented package. This five-seat sedan may not win any beauty contests or take any checkered flags at the races, but it’s got one of the most upscale interiors you’ll find in the segment. Add in the extreme attention paid to ergonomics for the new Corolla and this car becomes a required entry on anyone’s comparison list for cross-shopping the compact segment.

For 2016, the Corolla sees updates to its excellent Entune technology center and a new S Special Edition package. Through almost fifty years of sales, the Corolla continues to be a top choice today.

What We Loved About the 2016 Toyota Corolla

  • Excellent interior design and ergonomics.
  • Very high-end infotainment options.
  • Solid road feel.


What We Didn’t Love About the 2016 Toyota Corolla

  • Loud continuously variable transmission.
  • Not the sportiest or best-looking car.
  • Fuel economy is a bit less than expected.


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