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Overview (Final Score: B)

With the X4, BMW hoped to create a new ideal in crossover SUVs: a Sport Activity Coupe. BMW says the SAC is aimed at those who want the stability and assurance of all-wheel drive, and the ground clearance of a traditional crossover, but aren’t interested in boxy styling or the soul-sucking bland drive of a bigger crossover. The 2017 BMW X4 is the latest version of the SAC ideal and it’s obviously found an audience among luxury buyers.

Priced at the entry level and optioned up, the X4 can definitely be a fit for many buyers in today’s luxury market. The five-seat crossover offers unusual style, a great drive dynamic and unexpectedly good fuel economy.

For those who think of the back seat of their ride being just an occasional-use thing and who want the drive quality of a well-done sports sedan combined with the capability of standard all-wheel drive, the BMW X4 is a perfect fit. It’s coupe-like style and fast pace (even with the base model engine) will thrill those looking to get away from the contemporary.

BMW X4 M40i

The 2017 BMW X4 isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely in a small group of options inside its small luxury crossover segment.

What We Love About the 2017 BMW X4:

  • Great performance from both engines
  • Excellent ride quality and handling
  • Unusually unique for the segment


What We Don’t Love About the 2017 BMW X4:

  • Uncomfortable rear seating
  • Tiny cargo space and odd hatchback design
  • No crash test results and little used sales history for value metrics



Pricing and Value (8/10)

The 2017 BMW X4 has a reasonable entry price for the segment and will find most buyers optioning up to about $50,000 or so on average. The highest end for this Sports Activity Coupe nears $60,000 with the M40i model when fully outfitted. It’s a bit early in the X4’s life as a model to know what its resale would be, but it will likely be relatively low as are resale values for most luxury cars.

Value is subjective and most buyers of the BMW X4 are in it for the styling rather than for any quantifiable value metric. For that reason, we’re not hitting the X4 too hard in this section.

BMW X4 M40i

Total Score and Competitive Comparison (67/80, 84%)

There are plenty of options to choose from in the fast-growing small luxury crossover segment. The BMW X4 offers a unique option with its wagon-like styling and crossover-like capability with a very sporty mission statement. If the “utility” in sport utility is important to you, the X4 is definitely not going to fit.

Probably the chief rival for the X4 is its nearly identical BMW X3 stablemate that sits in the lot next to it at the dealership. The X3 is a more contemporary crossover with the expected utility, but doesn’t offer the M40i’s six cylinders of fury or the sportier drive of the X4. Other rivals include the fleet-footed Jaguar F-Pace and the couped-out Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC43. Both are performance rivals.

In the end, most buyers in the segment who are looking at the X4 as an option are likely not as interested in the versatility of a crossover, but are more inclined to consider style and drive. With that buyer in mind, the Sport Activity Coupe ideal that BMW is aiming for is definitely exemplified.

You can learn more about the 2017 BMW X4 now in the FULL REVIEW.

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