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Overview (Final Score: C)

People who need the spacious capability of a minivan but want to avoid its stigma are immediately attracted to the Journey. This crossover features the availability of all-wheel drive and the ride height of an SUV, but contains the 3-row spaciousness and wide-opening doors of a minivan family hauler.

For 2017 not much has changed with the Dodge Journey, which is now long overdue for a redesign. Refreshed in 2011, the Journey has largely been the same since its introduction two years before that. In automotive terms, that makes the 2017 Journey quite old. In reality the only downsides for that age are its somewhat dated exterior look. The Journey is otherwise as good or better than most other options on the market.

For growing families that need plenty of seating to haul the soccer team and band members around, the 2017 Dodge Journey is a great choice. The Journey is budget-friendly, well-designed and very safe.

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What We Love About the 2017 Dodge Journey:

  • Great interior for roominess and versatility
  • Nicely-matched V6 powertrain for the Journey’s size
  • Family and budget friendly all around


What We Don’t Love About the 2017 Dodge Journey:

  • Dated exterior design that’s oddly half minivan, half crossover
  • Reliability expectation not very high
  • Four-cylinder base engine is very underpowered


Pricing and Value (9/10)

There’s a lot of bang for the dollars spent on the 2017 Dodge Journey. Most buyers will find themselves underneath the $30,000 point when purchasing a well-equipped Journey and will be happy for it. The Journey offers a lot of space and comfort for the money.

Resale values for the Journey are not particularly high, thanks to the vehicle’s dated looks and reputation for unreliability. On the used market most of the issues a Journey will have had will be worked out. So buyers are still looking for these family-friendly machines as an option.

There are few on the market that can compete with the Journey’s family sized goodness and efficiency in such an ergonomic package. Not at this price point.


Total Score and Competitive Comparison (61/80, 76%)

The 3-row crossover market is competitive and full of offerings, but none of them can match the Journey’s price point for the ergonomics it offers.

Close competitors include minivans such as the Toyota Sienna (which also offers AWD) and the Chrysler Pacifica. Both are excellent choices, but neither can be had for anything close to the Journey’s selling price. The Kia Sorento crossover has an excellent return on investment that makes it price-comparable to the Journey and its class-leading warranty may put it over the top for some shoppers.

In the end there are no real competitors to the 2017 Dodge Journey, thanks to its low cost of entry, excellent ergonomics and upscale interior feel. The Journey may seem a little dated with its exterior look and reliability might be a concern for some, but when it’s all tallied, the 2017 Journey offers a lot for not much money and brings more to the table than do most of its new-design competitors.

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