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Overview (Final Score: B+)

The Hyundai Tucson was redesigned last year and continues forward with the excellent upgrades made to the compact crossover then. Changes this year include the addition of some technology for the higher-level infotainment system, a new trim model in the SE Plus and a new special edition model called the Night.

The sharp styling and slightly beefier size of the Tucson set it apart from its previous generation and give a bit more space between the Tucson and its smaller sibling, the upcoming Hyundai Kona.

The 2017 Tucson stands out for its excellent styling, the great turbo-four and dual-clutch transmission offered in most models, and the fun drive this crossover offers overall. Excellent crash test ratings and a higher-than-expected dependability rating are also big bonuses for the Tucson, whose industry-leading warranty is a big selling point.

The very well-done 2017 Hyundai Tucson definitely deserves a high score and should be on every shopper’s short list of choices in the compact crossover segment.

2017 Tucson

What We Love About the 2017 Hyundai Tucson:

  • Great exterior look with an eye-catching appeal
  • Great safety and dependability expectations
  • Well-done drivetrain, especially with the surprisingly good dual clutch transmission


What We Don’t Love About the 2017 Hyundai Tucson:

  • Less cargo space than what’s found in the competition
  • Some features only available at expensive top trim level
  • Lower trim levels definitely feel like lower trims


2017 Tucson

Pricing and Value (7/10)

Last year we panned the Tucson for its lack of options in the lower trims and the requirement to go to the $30,000-ish price of the Limited model in order to get some desirables like high-end infotainment. We still see that as a serious sore point with the 2017 Hyundai Tucson, which adds only the SE Plus trim as a sort of peace offering on that front.

The Tucson is otherwise a good value in most of its trims, at least at their base level. Most buyers will be purchasing in this segment at the $25,000 to $30,000 point and the Tucson does well at those levels. Buyers should shop around and look towards competitive offerings from Mazda and Ford before settling on the Tucson. All three of these makes are good values in this segment.

2017 Tucson

Total Score and Competitive Comparison (70/80, 88%)

The 2017 Hyundai Tucson competes in the fastest-growing class of vehicles in America. Most automakers are bringing their A-game to this segment and finding a great vehicle here is not difficult.

Competitors to the Tucson include the Mazda CX-5, which matches the Tucson for sportiness and all-around excellence but offers a much better interior at lower trim levels with competitive pricing. Similarly, the Ford Escape is a surprisingly good option for this segment, especially in its lower trims when compared to the base model Tucson. The very similar in value but much more option-available Kia Sportage also matches the Tucson for its industry-leading 10 year warranty, making it a definite option for consideration.

We think most buyers for the 2017 Tucson will be looking at the middle trims with that excellent turbocharged engine and dual-clutch transmission. Sporty driving with the great exterior look of the Tucson are definitely a high plus for this vehicle. It’s an all-around good crossover with a nice balance of daily usefulness and fun road presence. The Tucson definitely deserves to be on the short list of compact crossover considerations.

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