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Overview (Final Score: B)

The Subaru Legacy is one of the longest-running Subaru models sold in the US. Subaru’s staple sedan, the Legacy has all-wheel drive as standard and a wonderful daily presence that makes it a favorite among many buyers.

For 2017 the Legacy receives a few updates, including a new Sport trim level and the addition of Reverse Automatic Braking to the driver assist technology package for added safety.

The 2017 Subaru Legacy soldiers on with the redesign that was made a handful of years ago, which saw the sedan get a little larger and a lot more competitive in terms of interior experience. It competes well in the midsize sedan category, alongside its station wagon-styled Outback sibling.

The 2017 Subaru Legacy is a five-seat sedan in the midsize category with two engine offerings, several option packages for all five trim levels, and standard all-wheel drive.


What We Love About the 2017 Subaru Legacy:

  • Great all-wheel drive platform that lives up to the Subaru name
  • Excellent, even class-leading safety features that are available at every trim point
  • High everyday-use ergonomics and daily driver goodness


What We Don’t Love About the 2017 Subaru Legacy:

  • Not as quick on the uptake as most competitors, even with the upgraded engine
  • Ride quality can be loud and stiff outside of the topmost trim point



Pricing and Value (9/10)

Subaru doesn’t often compromise on their sticker price because, frankly, dealerships don’t need to. Every car on the lot will find willing buyers. That’s a truism. And no matter how bad off your trade-in Subaru might be, they’ll take it. Because it will resell.

For these reasons, no one should expect any kind of stellar upfront deal or backroom pricing structure to get a 2017 Legacy off the lot for well below sticker value. It’s not likely to happen. The good news is that Subarus are generally priced right and have the highest resale value in their respective class. The Legacy included. Which means the price paid now is going to stay consistent and loss of value will be minimal over time.

So despite there being little money on the hood to buy the Legacy, it’s still going to be a great deal down the line. Subarus consistently have the lowest industry cost-to-own and the highest resale values of any brand.


Total Score and Competitive Comparison (67/80, 84%)

In the midsize “boring sells” category of cars, the Legacy fits in quite well. Being very average in looks and interior suits it well. It’s the places that matter to midsize buyers where the 2017 Subaru Legacy really stands out: safety, fuel economy, performance and value. In those arenas, there are few competitors that are as complete in packaging as the Legacy.

For those comparing, the well-done Mazda Mazda6, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry should all be considered for their various merits. The Mazda is far more fun to drive and the Fusion is far more well-appointed. while the Camry sets the standard for the segment in terms of roominess and daily excellence. Compared to these, the 2017 Legacy should not be overlooked for its well-done balance of those things that usually matter most to midsize sedan buyers.

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