Overview (Final Score: C)

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the closest competitor to the Toyota 4Runner. Where the 4Runner has an edge over the Grand Cherokee is in terms of reliability, with great ratings.

The Toyota 4Runner is an old-school SUV. This means it can go anywhere without showing any sign of sweat. But it also means a number of downsides such as poor fuel economy and questionable handling. If you aren’t planning to go off-road, there are a number of crossovers that provide a better ride and fuel economy over the 4Runner.

What We Love About the Toyota 4Runner:

  • Very capable off-road
  • Abundance of cargo space
  • Dash layout is easy to understand and use


What We Don’t Love About the Toyota 4Runner:

  • V6 engine feels lackluster
  • Very choppy ride
  • Brake feel is very disconcerting


Get all the details and learn more about the 2016 4Runner in the FULL REVIEW HERE

2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail 1


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