Who doesn’t like to be spooked on Halloween? One of the best ways to get in the mood for the scariest day of the year is by watching horror movies. In honor of Halloween, iSeeCars has put together a list of cars that play a role in scary movies that may keep you up at night.

1978 Ford Pinto from “Cujo.” What’s worse than a local dog becoming rabid and trying to kill you? Probably when you’re trying to escape and the alternator fails in your Pinto … during a steaming hot day. No place to hide from Cujo the rabid dog in Stephen King’s 1981 thriller.

Pinto from 'Cujo' Photo courtesy imcdb.org

Pinto from ‘Cujo’
Photo courtesy imcdb.org

1990 Chevrolet Suburban Silverado from “The Hills Have Eyes.” This 2006 movie, based on Wes Craven’s classic, may make you think twice about that cross-desert road-trip. When the Carter family runs over a nail strip in their Chevy Suburban they hit a rock and become stranded in what was a government atomic zone in the New Mexico desert. What comes next? Murderous mutants of course.

Suburban from 'The Hills Have Eyes'  Photo courtesy imcdb.org

Suburban from ‘The Hills Have Eyes’
Photo courtesy imcdb.org

1970 Chevy Nova from “Death Proof.” The Quentin Tarantino film follows a psychopathic man who pursues young women before killing them in car crashes using his “death-proof” stunt vehicle. The reinforced Nova has a skull and crossbones painted on the hood.

Nova from "Deathproof"  Photo Courtesy AllDieCast.us

Nova from ‘Deathproof’
Photo courtesy AllDieCast.us

1971 340, 4-speed Plymouth Barracuda from “Phantasm.” This ‘Cuda is a key fixture in a film about chasing a grave robber. After filming, the car went to a crewmember. It sat in his driveway for a year and was then sold for $1,000. It hasn’t been seen since.

Plumouth Barracuda from 'Phantasm' Photo Courtesy imcdb.org

Plumouth Barracuda from ‘Phantasm’
Photo courtesy imcdb.org

1958 Plymouth Fury from “Christine.” This film is adapted from a Stephen King novel.  It is centered around a somewhat-evil, somewhat possessed bright red Plymouth Fury named “Christine” and the impact on its teen owner.

Fury from 'Christine' Photo courtesy CelebrationTownCenter.com

Fury from ‘Christine’
Photo courtesy CelebrationTownCenter.com

1955 Peterbilt 281 tanker truck in “Duel.” What would you do if you were on a road-trip for business and a truck begins stalking you. He won’t let you pass, encourages you to pass when there is oncoming traffic and then tailgates you at speeds of up to 90MPH. Road rage + horror = “Duel.”

Peterbilt 281 tanker truck in 'Duel' Photo courtesy wampone via Flickr

Peterbilt 281 tanker truck in ‘Duel’
Photo courtesy wampone via Flickr

1973 Delta Olds 88 in “The Evil Dead.” What could set up a horror movie better than college students in a remote wooded cabin? They find and play a demonic tape, which leads to demonic behavior by some of the students. According to AMC, the same beat-up 1973 Delta Olds 88 shows up in all three Evil Dead movies.

Olds 88 from 'The Evil Dead' Photo courtesy EvilDeadNews.com

Olds 88 from ‘The Evil Dead’
Photo courtesy EvilDeadNews.com

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