With gas prices at $4/gallon, compact, more fuel efficient used cars are going up in price due to higher demand by car buyers while trucks and SUV’s are sitting on the lot, according to an article in the Courier Journal. “The average used Civic, for example, rose in value 2.7 percent from April 1 through May 11, according to data J.D. Power collects from new car dealers that also sell used cars. The price of used Ford Focuses rose 1.3 percent during the same time, from $9,838 to $9,963.”

The New York Times today reported that the trend is being seen in new cars as well. “…four fuel-efficient cars made by the Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda became the industry’s top sellers last month, according to figures released Tuesday. Toyota said it sold 104,117 of its Corolla compact car and Camry midsize sedan, while Honda reported 97,027 sales of its Civic compact and Accord midsize, along with record-high vehicle sales over all…The Civic and Corolla ranked first and second, respectively, taking positions that for decades have usually gone to the Ford F-series and Chevrolet Silverado pickups.”

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