Set out the party spread. Stock plenty of refreshments. Invite all your die-hard Super Bowl fans over and get set to enjoy Super Bowl 50 on February 7. While you’re at it, be on the lookout for these car company commercials that are set to air during the pre-game show, during pre-kick, during game time or post-game shows. If you’re keen on cars as well as football, you might get a kick out of these Super Bowl spots.

Acura NSX Kicks Off Production (Really) With Van Halen Song in Ad – Those with good memories probably remember the 2012 Acura Super Bowl XLVI ad with Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld arguing who’d snag the first production NSX. Some of us are still waiting for the long-anticipated production of this car and, according to Acura’s Super Bowl 50 ad “What He Said” featuring Van Halen’s ‘Runnin with the Devil,’ that time is finally here. The 30-second spot finishes with “create yours starting 2.25.16.” About that first production 2017 Acura NSX? Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports and founder of Hendrick Automotive Group, paid a record $1.2 million for designated vehicle number (VIN) 001 of the NSX at the Barrett-Jackson vehicle auction.

Audi’s 60-Second Super Bowl 50 Spot: “The Commander” – Audi skipped last year’s Super Bowl but they’re back for Super Bowl 50 with a 60-second commercial called “The Commander.” No word yet on which Audi vehicle will be featured, but the ad will reportedly be about shared connections between Audi’s pursuit of mobility’s unfolding horizons and commanders who have explored the final frontier.

Odell Beckham Jr and Emily Ratajkowski with 2016 Buick Cascada

Buick’s Debut Super Bowl Spot Touts Cascada – Not only is this Buick’s first-ever Super Bowl ad, but the 30-second spot that airs during Super Bowl 50 features New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and actress/model Emily Ratajkowski. The ad is also the first commercial from Buick in 2016 – but there’ll be more to come as the brand is launching three new products this year. This spot is for the 2016 Buick Cascada, the first convertible from Buick in 25 years. The ad is part of the “Experience the New Buick” campaign.

Christopher Walken in “Walken Closet,” 2016 Kia Optima Super Bowl 50 ad

Check it Out – Christopher Walken Stars in Kia’s “Walken Closet” Super Bowl 50 Ad – Determined not to blend in. That’s Christopher Walken to a T. In Kia’s 60-second Super Bowl 50 spot, titled “Walken Closet,” the actor seems the perfect spokesman to tout the all-new midsize Kia Optima sedan. How would you like to see Walken staring at you from a seat in your closet? Makes the idea of wearing something a little different seem, well, perfectly normal. As in, climb into the 2016 Kia Optima and stand out from the crowd. Can’t wait to see the rest of the commercial during the game.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Super Bowl 50 spot

Honda’s 2017 Ridgeline Leads the Flock with a 60-second Super Bowl 50 Spot – During the third quarter of what is arguably the biggest football spectacle of the year, Honda will air a commercial that showcases the all-new 2017 Ridgeline midsize pickup. The Japanese automaker sat out last year’s Super Bowl but leads the flock in this year’s 60-second spot that features a flock of sheep singing the classic Queen song, “Somebody to Love.” The spot, called “A New Truck to Love,” appears during the third quarter and is directed by Oscar-nominated director Bryan Buckley. And, yes, the spot uses real sheep and a trained sheep dog. The special effects used were produced using the sheep’s anatomy and natural behavior. This might be a keeper.

Ryan Reynolds in 2017 Hyundai Elantra Super Bowl 50 ad

Hyundai Enlists Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds in 4 Super Bowl 50 Ads – This is Hyundai’s first year as an official NFL sponsor and the Korean automaker is wasting no time making a good first impression. During Super Bowl 50 Hyundai will show four commercials: a 60-second spot in the pre-kick time slot, two 30-second ads during the game and another 60-second ad that will air during the pre-game show. Hyundai enlisted Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds to help it showcase the various technology and convenience features of the all-new 2017 Elantra and 2016 Genesis sedan.

  • “First Date” airs during the pre-kick time slot and features Kevin Hart highlighting technology on the Genesis sedan.

Hyundai Super Bowl 50 ad – ‘The Chase’

  • “The Chase” is set to run during the first quarter and highlights Hyundai’s voice-activated Blue Link Remote in the all-new Elantra.

Ryan Reynolds and 2017 Hyundai Elantra-Super Bowl 50



  • Ryan Reynolds stars in “Ryanville,” the second of Hyundai’s 30-second spots. The focus of the ad is on human tendency toward distraction and how the advanced safety features in the Elantra can help minimize such safety hazard. But it’s done in a lighthearted way. Salt-N-Pepa’s “Whatta Man” plays in the background.
  • There’s also “Better,” the 60-second pre-game spot. This ad follows a boy’s life from birth into adulthood and how he’s trying to make the world a better place to live. Hyundai’s intent here is to showcase how their mission is to make both its vehicles and
  • the consumer owning experience better.

Mini declares defiance-Super Bowl 50 ad

Serena Williams, Defy Labels Mini Super Bowl 50 ad

Mini Spot Showcases Several Models – For this year’s Super Bowl, the only commercial from BMW will be a 30-second ad showcasing various Mini models, among them, the new Mini Clubman wagon. Tennis great Serena Williams, soccer star Abby Wambach, skateboard legend Tony Hawk, Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson, actor Harvey Keitel and singer T-Pain will reportedly tout the Mini’s many fine features during the ad campaign for the all-new Clubman.

Toyota Prius Behind-the-Scenes of Super Bowl 50 ad shoot

Toyota Touts 2016 Prius in a Joy Ride – Toyota will showcase the 2016 Prius hybrid in a 60-second spot that will air during the big game’s second quarter. Called “Comedy of Errors,” the ad – minus any celebrities – will show off the various features of the Prius. Jack Hollis, Toyota vice president for marketing, told the New York Times in an interview that the Super Bowl 50 ad for Prius would be “funny.” Hollis said that the spot features tongue-in-cheek humor and all the “highly dynamic” driving in the commercial will be real.

Automakers choosing to sit this year’s big game out include Ford and Lincoln, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. From General Motors, Cadillac opted to premiere its all-new CT6 sedan at the Academy Awards instead of Super Bowl 50.

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