Consumers have a variety of choices in vehicles today, but when it comes to selecting an SUV or sedan, it pays to be aware of the pros and cons of each. Which vehicle is right for your particular needs? Take everything into consideration before you dive deeper into the purchase.

Sedan Advantages

There’s no question that a sedan offers familiarity as well as comfort and convenience. After all, it’s a car, and we’re all used to driving cars. Other advantages of a sedan include:

  • Lockable trunk for item storage
  • Easy to handle
  • Maneuverability – get into tighter parking spaces and easily negotiate traffic
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Better fuel economy
  • Lower height makes entry/egress easier as well as placing or retrieving items
  • Better clearance – no worries of hitting the top of the garage door
  • Lower price – Sedans generally cost less than SUVs, although a midsize sedan may be about the same price as an entry-level SUV. The more options you add to a sedan, or if you choose an upgraded model, the more you’ll wind up paying.

Sedan Disadvantages

  • Limited passenger-carrying capability – With sedans, consumers are limited to 5 passengers. That won’t work if you need to carry 6 to 8 passengers.
  • Less cargo capacity – With a sedan, there’s less storage space for cargo than in an SUV. Sedans do offer consoles, cupholders and some in-door or other storage, but nowhere near what’s available in an SUV.
  • Limited visibility means you can’t see over the cars ahead
  • Fewer AWD models available – Although all-wheel drive (AWD) is available in some sedans, it’s usually a higher-priced model or option. AWD is desirable because of the capabilities it provides in all-weather driving conditions. Many SUVs, on the other hand, offer AWD.
  • Lower ground clearance
  • Conservative image
  • Limited towing capacity

SUV Advantages

Consumers buy SUVs because they offer flexibility and versatility, many amenities they’re used to, numerous safety features and advanced technology.

  • Hold more storage than sedans
  • Carry more passengers – 5 to 9 passengers
  • Increased towing capacity
  • Better visibility
  • AWD generally available as standard or optional, making all-weather driving safer and easier
  • Car-like models drive and handle more like a sedan. Even truck-based models handle more like a car than a truck, plus they can go off-road with ease.

SUV Disadvantages

  • Lower fuel economy
  • Higher cost of fuel
  • Less aerodynamic than sedans
  • Take up more parking and garage space
  • Tougher to maneuver in tight spots
  • Higher center of gravity means tendency toward rollover in abrupt swerves or accident avoidance maneuvers
  • Costs more than sedan

How to choose? Weigh and balance your wants and needs. Next, look at models that give you what you want in both sedans and SUVs. Consider small, midsize and full-size of each. Give sufficient weight to all the pros and cons of SUV or sedan, and make your final determination based on what works out the best for you.

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